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VenusFort In Odaiba, Where Sightseeing Meets Shopping!

VenusFort In Odaiba, Where Sightseeing Meets Shopping!

VenusFort In Odaiba, Where Sightseeing Meets Shopping!

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Kazuyo

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There is one thing in Odaiba you won't be able to find in the rest of Tokyo - an outlet store! VenusFort will bring you joy both with its entertainment and shopping areas. Here we will take a stroll and see a few of its most popular outlet shops.

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Kazuyo

Do you ever get the desire to go for a little shopping trip while sightseeing in Tokyo, but you just can’t seem to spot any outlets in the suburban part of the city? Look no further, because today we will introduce to you the very first shopping mall in the whole of Tokyo, located in Odaiba, which has an entire floor reserved for outlet stores. Let us show you the charisma of VenusFort shopping mall.

VenusFort In Odaiba, Where Sightseeing Meets Shopping!

Odaiba’s popularity with tourists visiting Tokyo has recently been on the rise. Besides the stunning view you get to see when you drop by the waterfront near the Tokyo Bay, there are plenty of other attractions – the theme park and the Ferris wheel, Miraikan (The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), gourmet food restaurants, shopping venues and other places to give you the time of your life.
And the greatest advantage of VenusFort is that it can provide for your all-around enjoyment with both the entertainment facilities and the outlets. Is there anything better than to head to the outlet for a bargain, after you’ve checked out the latest arcade games, tested your skills at the bowling center or sung to your heart’s content at karaoke? You can do all that at the indoor multi-entertainment center Tokyo Leisure Land, or you can visit the car-themed park Mega Web and try riding a real cart. And then – the shopping!


Walking through the center is a spectacular experience in itself – the shopping area is intended to show the atmosphere of 17th and 18th century Europe with its wonderful townscapes. But don’t forget to look up to the atrium ceiling, and be amazed at the different scenery for a different part of the day – a beautiful bright blue sky during the afternoon will change into the reddish color of the setting sun, and after that – to a dark blue night sky.

There are many stores that will surely catch your eye should you visit the outlet stores area at the third floor of VenusFort, but we have decided to reveal only a few in this article, the ones that are gathering people’s attention from all over the world. These outlet stores not only have unbelievably low prices but also special, non-tax prices for any over 10,000-yen purchases.

United Arrows Outlet Women’s Store


At United Arrows, Japan’s first select shop, you can purchase the store’s own original clothes and accessories of the latest fashion trends, plus international designers’ adornments, clothes, accessories and more. The lavish stock of different goods makes this shop a must for anyone visiting VenusFort’s outlets.


The original colors of the world-class brands such as KENZO, MSGM, Tory Burch, Nike and other, seem to be the customers’ first choice. There are also many people who want to buy Japan-made products during their visit to Japan, so embroidery, lace, tulle, floral designs and other characteristic products are highly sought after.

Also, if you’re concerned about the difference in size in Japanese and foreign clothes, rest assured, because at this shop you can find bigger sizes as well.

Beams Outlet Limited Store


Beams is a veteran selected-clothes shop, one of Japan’s representative brands since its establishment in 1976, and well-known for its imported and original clothes, as well as other everyday necessities. Other than Beams’ original items and made-in-Japan products, this shop’s famous products include Nike sneakers, red items of all sorts, watches and Wonderful Design Works’ goods.

Puma Outlet

Another popular shop is Puma, where you can find a wide variety of sportswear and other sports goods. There are Chinese, English, and Korean speaking staff on hand to assist your shopping, and other staff members speak a little Chinese as well.

Now, you should certainly take a closer look at this shop’s in-vogue, premium Made in JAPAN goods, the customers’ favorite line reserved exclusively for this shop. It's a line of high-quality leather sneakers, hand-made by Japan’s most versatile craftsmen, with serial numbers and “made in Japan” sign engraved on the tongue of every shoe, giving them a distinguished look. You can easily spot them in the customers’ bags, often destined to become someone’s very special gift from Japan.



You might have heard of Citizen, a respected, longstanding Japanese watch brand, established back in 1918. It is highly regarded by the customers who are passionate about Japanese-quality watches.


Overseas model NH8325-56E, self-winding, sapphire glass, see-through back

Two representative models include NH8325-56E (picture), a Japan-born model that gained great popularity overseas only to be re-imported in its homeland, Japan; and the so-called Eco-Drive, radio-controlled world time watch. This is a superb model whose main features are the Eco-Drive technology that doesn’t require battery change since it uses light as its power source, and the ability to automatically adjust the time upon receiving radio signals of four different areas – Japan, China, America and Europe.

As for the design, it seems that the Chronograph watch has swept most of the customers off their feet, with the stopwatch function as one of its additional attractive features.


After a day’s worth of fun and shopping, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the sun has already set down. Should you choose a ride on the Ferris wheel, to wrap up your day, you will feel like the whole of Tokyo is within your grasp, with the marvelous view of the Tokyo Tower, Skytree and Tokyo’s Gate and Rainbow Bridges. So, wait no more, and let the path lead you to the wondrous VenusFort, and have a truly memorable time in Tokyo!

Written in collaboration with VenusFort, United Arrows, Beams, Puma, and Citizen. The items on sale are subject to change depending on the season. The interview was taken in December 2015.


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The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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