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BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO: Enjoy Asakusa And Japanese Culture Together

BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO: Enjoy Asakusa And Japanese Culture Together

Translated by Greg

Written by Nishikawa Saki

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Tokyo's Asakusa, famous for such sights as Sensoji Temple and Tokyo SKYTREE, is always bustling with visitors. Today we introduce you to BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO in Asakusa, and give you information on room types, prices, services and hotel access.

Tokyo's Asakusa is an area where the emotions and sentiments of the Edo period still remain. Here in Asakusa there are first class sightseeing spots such as Sensoji Temple and Tokyo SKYTREE, which explains why the area is always bustling with crowds of people.

Today we'll introduce you to BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO, which has excellent access from Asakusa's many tourist spots, allowing you to enjoy your visit to the area even more.

BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO Has Outstanding Access


Photo by Shiori Kawamoto

BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO is just five minutes on foot from Asakusa Station and near Sensoji Temple. Access to Haneda Airport and Narita Airport is only thirty minutes to one hour away, making this hostel a convenient base of operations for sightseeing in Asakusa and the Tokyo area.

Hotel staff can look after your suitcase and belongings, both before you check in and also after you check out. So even in the case of a one night stay, visitors can enjoy an unencumbered day of sightseeing.


Photo by Shiori Kawamoto

In the hotel's large and spacious lobby, the entire floor area and a portion of the walls have been covered in tile. This space is meant to remind visitors of a Japanese sento (public bath), which many years ago were social gathering places for local residents and visitors.

Adjacent to the lobby is an izakaya, where guests can sample Japanese sake and delicious food.

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Choose a Room That Best Suits Your Needs

BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO offers three different kinds of rooms, so you can choose a room that meets your individual accommodation needs.


Photo by Shiori Kawamoto

This is the dormitory room (3000 yen per night), the most economical option which we highly recommend for solo travelers. The room comes equipped with curtains, a reading light, and a two-prong electrical outlet. Outside the room there are lockers (30x25x30cm) which are allotted to all guests, so even those traveling alone can have a worry-free stay here.


Photo by Shiori Kawamoto

For guests who would like to relieve their travel fatigue in a roomy space, we suggest the dormitory room single bed (5000 yen per night). Its high ceiling allows guests to comfortably move around and stand up while inside the room.


For guests who would like group accommodation, the family room (16,800 yen per night) is ideal. This room is equipped with a shower, toilet, sink and desk. There's only one family room, so for those interested in staying here, please contact the hotel ahead of time.


From the family room you can see Tokyo SKYTREE directly in front of you. It's close to the hotel, making this an overpowering sight!

Convenient Facilities and Services


The common dining area is a space available to all guests and is conveniently stocked with a fridge, microwave oven, toaster and hot water pot.


Here there are flyers and booklets packed with useful travel and sightseeing information.


In the hotel, four coin laundry machines, and twenty-four hour resident front staff (English service available) ensure you have a safe and convenient stay.

Izakaya Bunka - Enjoy Japanese Food and Drinks Here!


Both hotel guests and outside visitors can enjoy Izakaya Bunka on the hotel's first floor. Here there's a full selection of Japanese sake from every region of the country, and a reasonably-priced food menu as well.

While enjoying an exclusive to Japan nabe (hot pot) or bento (box filled with rice and several meal items), why not try communicating with some of the Japanese locals?

*Takeout service not available at Izakaya Bunka

Izakaya Bunka Information
Business hours: 16:00-23:00 (last order at 22:30)
Payment by cash only
Closed on Sundays

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BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO - Enjoy Japanese Culture Here

In the Japanese language, bunka means culture.

Historically, with its live theaters, Asakusa became a focal point for introducing and showcasing Japanese performing arts and culture to the world, which is one reason why BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO is here today.

By all means, spend a night at BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO. Here you can come into contact with Japanese culture, and explore not only Asakusa but also the local area and its facilities, and also participate in international exchange with local residents.

Above photos courtesy of: BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO



Address: Tokyo, Taito, Asakusa 1-13-5
Hours: Open 24 hrs a day
Closed: Open every day (Izakaya Bunka is closed on Sundays)
Wi-Fi Access: Available
Credit cards: Not accepted
Language support: Japanese, English, Spanish, Bulgarian, French
Nearest Station: Asakusa Station and Tawaramachi Station
Access: 5 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station (Toei Asakusa Subway Line, Tobu Railway Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Subway Line) and Tawaramachi Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Subway Line), 1 minute on foot from Asakusa Station* (Tsukuba Express Line). *This station is different than the station of the same name mentioned directly above, serviced by the Toei Asakusa Subway Line
Cost: 3000 yen (one night) and up

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