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Be Careful Of Seasickness! The Thrilling Sotomo Meguri Rides In Fukui

Be Careful Of Seasickness! The Thrilling Sotomo Meguri Rides In Fukui

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Keisuke Yamada

Fukui 2017.06.29 Bookmark

Venture on a journey from Wakasa Fisherman's Wharf to tour around the scenic Sotomo area in Fukui. Great for those seeking an adventure, but prepare to get sea sick!

Fukui is known to have many wonderful tourist spots. The scenic Mikata Goko lakes, the rare Seikodon (Seiko crab on rice) that can only be consumed two months a year, and the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum and more all make Fukui a popular spot in Japan that many would like to visit at least once.

Within Fukui, there is also a dangerous spot that is difficult to get to and back from. That is the Sotomo tour which we will be introducing today. For those who are prone to motion or seasickness, this tour should be avoided, but adventure seekers are sure to find it a very memorable experience. Despite this frightening introduction, let us show you the charms of this spot.

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What is Sotomo?

Sotomo is an area in Obama city on the Uchitomi peninsula that faces the Sea of Japan and has a picturesque view. Extending for about 6 km, you will find many caves and cliffs in the area. In 1934, it was designated as one of Japan's best scenic spots, known as Wakasa Sotomo.

In 2015, Sotomo was also nominated as one of the top 31 beautiful places in Japan by the American news company, CNN. Starting with Omon and Komon, Komori Ana, Kakushimizu, Jigokumon, Tsunakakeiwa, Lion Iwa, Meoto Iwa, Shiraitonotaki Falls, Senjojiki, and many other natural formations were acknowledged.

Go on the Sotomo Tour

In order to tour around the Sotomo area, you would need to board a ship from the Wakasa Fisherman's Wharf. Please note that ships do not sail from December to February. This tour is also subject to the weather and may not depart if the weather is bad. It is a good idea to confirm whether the ship will sail or not in advance.

Once you set sail, you will see a view like the photo above. Since it is a bay, there aren't too many waves. However, this is where the thrill starts.

Go Out of the Bay

After leaving the bay, you will spot a cliff on the right-hand side. You will also notice that the boat will start to rock, so do be careful.

After a while, you will see more white rocks. Once you reach this area, the rocking of the ship will become more violent, so make sure you do not drop your camera or cell phone in the sea. But there are plenty of wonderful, picture-perfect spots in the area, so for those who aren't too prone to getting sea sick, why not try and take a few shots?

The Final Destination: the Omon and Komon

This is the final spot of the Sotomo tour, the Omon and Komon. Can you see a small hole in between the rocks? When there are no waves, you can go toward the small hole by boat and step foot on the rocks. When the writer of this article paid a visit, the waves were so strong that it was impossible to reach the hole.

The sight of the Omon and Komon are still a delight to see even from afar. When you think of the epic time it may have taken mother nature to make this panoramic scenery, you begin to appreciate it more. It is definitely a place you will want to visit again when the waves are calmer.

In Conclusion

How did you like this lesser known spot of Japan? The Sotomo tour is definitely an experience that is worth trying for those who are up for an adventure in Fukui. There is also a market right by the pier so why not delight in a tasty seafood meal after your adventure?


Wakasa Fisherman's Wharf
Address: Fukui, Obama, Kawasaki 1-3-2
Hours: April-November: 8:30-17:00, December-March: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Beginning and end of the year
Nearest station: JR Obama Station
Access: 20 minute walk from JR Obama Station, or 5 minutes by taxi
Price: Adult: 2000 yen, Child: 1000 yen
Phone: +81-0770-52-3111
Website: Wakasa Fisherman's Wharf

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