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How to Get Connected to Public WiFi in Kyoto

How to Get Connected to Public WiFi in Kyoto

Translated by Masahisa Matsunuma

Written by Ayame Nakagawa

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How to Access Public WiFi in Kyoto







There is public WiFi called KYOTO_WiFi in Kyoto with as many as 630 WiFi hotspots including scheduled ones are available throughout the city.(*1) This WiFi service is very convenient and free for up to three hours. For example, you might want to use a route planner or search for restaurants.

Kyoto PORTA's WiFi service. Our Saviour! "KYOTO-PORTA" Wi-Fi

So, I actually tried to access Kyoto_Wifi by turning off my cell data and then I found something cumbersome about it. In order to get connected, you have to send a blank email to get an access code. However, how could you send an email without access to either WiFi or cell data!

Our savior in this situation is "KYOTO-PORTA" WiFi. There are two underground shopping malls under the Kyoto Station. One is Kotochika and the other is PORTA. PORTA offers free WiFi access(*2) and no signup is required so you can start surfing the internet right away!


Now that you're finally on the internet via KYOTO-PORTA WiFi, you are ready to sign up for KYOTO_WiFi. (KYOTO-PORTA Free WiFi is available from 7:00 to 23:00.)

Sign Up for KYOTO_WiFi!

Here is how to register for KYOTO_Wifi access.

KYOTO_Wifi provides two networks; KYOTO_WiFi01 and KYOTO_WiFi02. The former is available at subway stations, bus stops, and Seven Eleven store and the latter in other public spaces.(*1)

1. Send a blank email to for subway stations, bus stops, and Seven Eleven stores, or to for other public spaces. You can get these addresses by reading the QR codes on the website or poster with your mobile device.

2. Receive your access code.







*In this example, your access code is KY0727LJB.

3. Open an internet browser and enter the access code.







4. Now you're connected!








Nice to know...

There is an open space in PORTA to sit and surf the 'net!













Power outlets are available. You can recharge your PC here.



*1: Official Kyoto Travel Guide

*2: Kyoto Station Underground Shopping Mall Porta Official Website



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