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Stay at Kashima Honkan, a Ryokan in Downtown Fukuoka

Stay at Kashima Honkan, a Ryokan in Downtown Fukuoka

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by Norihisa Hasegawa

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Found in the heart of Fukuoka is the charming and convenient Japanese-style ryokan Kashima Honkan, an inn with a long history and lots to teach visitors about Japanese culture.

The busiest area in Kyushu is without a doubt the tourist-favorite Hakata, Fukuoka. Though Hakata is well-known for its impressive natural areas, the hotels built to serve the numerous visitors who come here are largely quite modern in design. It seems that, though these modern hotels have all the comfort that could be asked for, it is somewhat difficult to find one with more of a traditional Japanese atmosphere to it.

Today let's take a look at one such ryokan, or Japanese-style inn, in Hakata where you can really experience some of Japan's traditional culture. At Japanese-style Ryokan Kashima Honkan nearly 70 percent of the guests come from abroad.

What is Japanese-style Ryokan Kashima Honkan?


Photo from: Kashima Honkan

Japanese-style Ryokan Kashima Honkan is found in the heart of Fukuoka city, a mere 2 minute walk from Gion Station on the Fukuoka City Subway. Hidden amid all the modernistic buildings of the downtown, if you come across a building with a more traditionally Japanese atmosphere to it, you have found Japanese-style Ryokan Kashima Honkan.

Kashima Honkan was built 100 years ago and, as it can pass on the culture of those times to modern generations, it has been recognized as a tangible cultural property in Japan.


The entrance-way is rather narrow and deeply recessed, two common features of old architecture in Japan. From this entrance-way you will see a long corridor at the end of which are the guest rooms.


Photo from: Kashima Honkan

There are 27 guest rooms in total, each with a slightly different design and size which is another unique feature of this ryokan.


Photo from: Kashima Honkan

But rest assured, no matter which room you stay in, you can experience Japanese traditions such as tatami and sleeping in a futon (Japanese bedding usually laid on floor).


Photo from: Kashima Honkan

You can also wear yukata, a traditional standard of staying at a Japanese inn. Yukata are a more simplified form of kimono, and are typically worn after getting out of the bath and as pajamas. If you have trouble with your yukata, please feel free to ask the staff just how to put one on.

The 4 Highlights of Kashima Honkan

1. Japanese Courtyard


Photo from: Kashima Honkan

Within the building's facilities, one of their most popular spots is the courtyard. Many visitors hope for the rooms with a good view of this space.


From the large dining room you can easily view the courtyard, so we strongly recommend having breakfast here.

2. Public Bath Large Enough for Groups


Though there are private showers, it's also nice to make use of the large public baths.


Being able to fully stretch out while immersed in these unique large baths is something that everyone should try while in Japan.

However, there are rules and manners to keep in mind when at a Japanese bath. In this bath the rules are clearly posted, so you must read them over before entering the bathing facilities.

3. The Exciting Chat Lobby

Photo from: Kashima Honkan

Free Wi-Fi service is only available in the lobby, not in the guest rooms of the inn. For that reason, here in the lobby of Kashima Honkan, many people from all over the world gather together not only to use the Wi-Fi, but to also meet other travelers in Japan. Many meet and talk about their travels, what they plan to visit or see next and so on.

4. The Charm of the Location

The location of Kashima Honkan itself is perhaps one of its biggest charms. Being in the downtown area, it's quite easy to walk to various places around Hakata, such as Hakata Station, the shopping mall Canal City Hakata, the restaurant area Nakasu, and other popular tourist spots in Fukuoka. When taking things such as travel time into account, this is perhaps the most convenient place to stay in Hakata.

In Conclusion


There are whiteboards in the corridor where the guests can freely write messages; for the most part, these messages read: "I'm so glad I stayed at Kashima Honkan." It's easy to understand why it's such a popular place with visitors to Japan.

If you are visiting Fukuoka and want to stay somewhere convenient but still full of traditional Japanese charm, then Japanese-style Ryokan Kashima Honkan is the perfect place for you.


Japanese-style Ryokan Kashima Honkan

Address: Fukuoka, Hakata, Reisenmachi 3-11
Hours: Check in 15:00 (last at 24:00), Check out 10:00
Closed: None
Wi-fi: In lobby only
Credit Cards: Visa & Mastercard
Other Languages: English
Menus in Other Languages: None
Nearest Station: Gion Station (祇園駅) Fukuoka City Subway
Access: 2 minute walk from Gion Station
Prices: Week night, 1 person from 3700 yen (2 people sharing a room), subject to change
Phone Number: 092-291-0746
Parking: Available but extra fees
Homepage: None

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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