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Hokkaido’s Winter Attractions! A Trip To Biei With A Thai Student

Hokkaido’s Winter Attractions! A Trip To Biei With A Thai Student

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This article features the beautiful sightseeing destinations around Biei in Hokkaido, such as the Blue Pond (Aoi Ike), White Beard Falls (Shirahige no taki) and the popular winter amusement resort Shikisai Hills (Shikisai no oka).

Hokkaido is a popular sightseeing destination not only for the Japanese but also for foreign visitors. The peak of the touristic season is summer. However, also in winter Hokkaido is a place full of charm.

Today we will embark on a trip to look for Hokkaido’s winter attractions through the eyes of a student from Thailand.

From the vast land of Hokkaido we have selected Biei, a town located in the Kamikawa area of Hokkaido. What kind of a town is it? The “Journeys in Japan” program broadcasted by NHK WORLD TV has formerly presented Biei in summer, so you can watch today’s program and compare what you see with the Biei’s summer scenery.

About Biei

Biei is a small town located in the central part of Hokkaido, with a population of around 10,000 people. Its main industry is agriculture, and wide fields, producing for example wheat and potatoes, spread all over the town.

In summer, Hokkaido’s typical vast scenery of hills is covered with the beautiful green of wheat plants.


The many fields are disposed as if they were a beautiful patchwork. This idyllic scenery of fields changes dramatically in winter.


When it snows over the hills, the fields become hidden under snow. The view of snow falling over this peaceful world inspires the visitors another type of emotion than the summer scenery.

Starting Our Trip from Biei Station

When travelling to Biei, you can go by plane or by train. From Asahikawa airport it takes about 16 minutes by the Furano bus line. In case you’re visiting the town of Asahikawa first, then you can reach Biei in 32 minutes by train using the JR Furano line.

Because the best sightseeing spots are located here and there all over Biei, it is recommended to use a rental cycle from the station in summer, and take the bus or rent a car for transport in winter.


Today’s trip starts from Biei station. We have Pim, the student from Thailand who went with us in the trip to Izu, coming together with us. She says she has been to Hokkaido only once before, during summer.

Pim: “The building of the station is small and so cute! The scenery is so different from the one in summer. The whole town is covered in snow.”

Pim, who is not accustomed to see snow, is so joyful. It never snows in Thailand, that’s why she says snow is a very rare sight. Snow also may be one of the reasons for the popularity of Hokkaido in winter.

Let’s have a look at each of Hokkaido’s winter attractions.

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