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Hokkaido’s Winter Attractions! A Trip To Biei With A Thai Student

Hokkaido’s Winter Attractions! A Trip To Biei With A Thai Student

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This article features the beautiful sightseeing destinations around Biei in Hokkaido, such as the Blue Pond (Aoi Ike), White Beard Falls (Shirahige no taki) and the popular winter amusement resort Shikisai Hills (Shikisai no oka).

Winter Attraction No.1 – Beautiful Scenery

When speaking of Hokkaido, the first thing that comes to mind is magnificent nature. We will introduce sights of Biei that you can only see in winter.

Blue Pond


The most beautiful scenery in Biei is the Blue Pond. After a photograph of the Blue Pond was made into a wallpaper image by iPhone in 2013, Biei became famous in the whole world.

Because in winter snow gathers on the frozen lake surface, we are unfortunately unable to see the blue color of the pond. Instead, the surface of the lake is being lit up during the night from November until January, so we can see another aspect of the lake than during summer time. (*The period of the light up differs from year to year.)


The lake surface reflecting a mysterious blue light. The trees that stand above the surface seem to be glass sculptures. Along with the color of the light that changes every a few minutes, the sight of the pond also changes.


Pim: “It’s as if time had stopped…!”

Forgetting even the coldness outside, we weren’t able to leave this place for a while.

White Beard Falls


The next most beautiful scenery of Biei after the Blue Pond is that of the White Beard Falls (Shirahige no taki). As you can guess from its name, water falls creating white strips that look like a white beard.

The huge icicles hanging down from the waterfalls are a sight we can enjoy only in winter.


Just like the Blue Pond, this place is also being lit up during the winter season.

The tree of Ken and Mary


The tree of Ken and Mary became famous after being used in a TV commercial, and for many Japan visitors is a popular spot for taking pictures. Even today, travelers from Asia were coming one after another.



The beauty of this place is different in summer and in winter. We heartily recommend everyone who visited this place in summer to come again during winter.


Pim: “I’ll brag to my friends with a photo taken here”

Mixing in with other travelers, Pim also took a picture with her smartphone.

The Christmas Tree


The solitude of the Christmas Treethat stands alone on top of the hill attracts even more attention in winter.


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