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Hokkaido’s Winter Attractions! A Trip To Biei With A Thai Student

Hokkaido’s Winter Attractions! A Trip To Biei With A Thai Student

Translated by MATCHA-PR

Written by MATCHA-PR

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This article features the beautiful sightseeing destinations around Biei in Hokkaido, such as the Blue Pond (Aoi Ike), White Beard Falls (Shirahige no taki) and the popular winter amusement resort Shikisai Hills (Shikisai no oka).

Winter Attraction No. 2 – Amusement


Few Japanese know that there are amusements that can only be enjoyed during winter.

Today we visited the amusement area called Shikisai hills (Shikisai no oka). This area, full of beautiful flowers in summertime, becomes a place dedicated to winter attractions in the cold season.


The most popular amusement in the area of Shikisai Hills during winter is dashing through the snow on a snowmobile. Pim also tried it.


You can rent snow clothing and boots on the spot.


After changing clothes properly…


We are ready! Completely protected from cold and waterproof!


After receiving some instructions, we are on the snowmobile and start!

Pim: “I’m a bit nervous because it’s the first time I’m riding on a snowmobile…”

Before the start she was a little nervous, but once she left off…


Blazing speed all of a sudden!


Taking curves marvelously by raising up snow all around.


She reached the goal line in no time.

Pim: “It was faster that I thought, but it was very easy to drive. The fresh, brisk air is very pleasant.”


After a ride on the snowmobile, snowrafting is also a very popular attraction.


The thrill of being swung to the left and to the right is something you cannot feel if you only ride the snowmobile.

The Alpaca Farm


Although it is not to be visited only in winter, we would definitely recommend you to experience The Alpaca Farm.

Pim: “Alpacas are loved by everyone also in Thailand. I had never thought I would get to see them in Hokkaido.”


You can feed the alpacas yourself with their favorite vegetables.


Pim: “They’re bigger than I imagined, but so cute…!”


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