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Hokkaido’s Winter Attractions! A Trip To Biei With A Thai Student

Hokkaido’s Winter Attractions! A Trip To Biei With A Thai Student

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This article features the beautiful sightseeing destinations around Biei in Hokkaido, such as the Blue Pond (Aoi Ike), White Beard Falls (Shirahige no taki) and the popular winter amusement resort Shikisai Hills (Shikisai no oka).

Winter Attraction No.3 – Food

When speaking of Hokkaido, you say delicious food. In Biei, there are specialties prepared with local ingredients.

We went to the Restaurant & Cafe with a view to the station – KOERU, which serves such food.


The famous Biei curry udon (800 yen). It is customary in Biei to drink Biei milk with this dish. It is a menu that uses udon (Japanese pasta) made with Biei flour, as well as local pork meat and vegetables grown here, so it is a specialty that one can only taste in Biei.


Pim: “I’m not a great fan of Japanese curry, but this one has a mild taste and is delicious. The pasta are soft and go very well with the curry.”


Biei curry udon cooked in the stove – Biei curry udon (950 yen) – is also a very popular dish. The fried cheese has a very nice aroma, enticing your appetite. Both the pasta and the curry are hot, so they are a great choice during the cold season.

Winter Attraction No. 4 – Onsen

If you come to Japan in winter, you must definitely go to the onsen – thermal baths. In Biei there is a onsen water called Shirogane onsen, and in some local inns you can enjoy it.


Taisetsuzan Shirogane Kanko Hotel is a ryokan that can receive 336 guest at a time. It is a place where you can enjoy Japanese dishes that use local ingredients.


The open-air bath, surrounded in summer by the greenery of trees and in winter by the white landscape, is a place where you can fully enjoy the nature of Biei. Even if you are not staying over the night, you can enjoy the onsen for 1000 yen.


Right near the Taisetsuzan Shirogane Kanko Hotel there is Yumoto Shirogane Hotel .


Because it has an open-air bath near the White Beard Falls, the visitors can enjoy their bath while listening the sound of the waterfalls and viewing the river. Of course you can only come here for the bath (800 yen). It might also be pleasant to enjoy both baths and compare them.

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