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Naturally Fits Right In: Toyama's Beautiful Starbucks Coffee Store

Naturally Fits Right In: Toyama's Beautiful Starbucks Coffee Store

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Osawa Kumi

Toyama 2017.06.26 Bookmark

There are several Starbucks stores in Japan that are called concept stores, which are designed with a special concept. We introduce the Starbucks store in Toyama city, which is known for its beautiful architecture and natural surroundings.

Toyama is located in the Hokuriku Region of Japan. It's a beautiful city that boasts delicious seafood from the Toyama Bay, natural surroundings, and a view of the Tateyama Mountain Range. The Hokuriku Shinkansen opened in 2015, making traveling between the city and Tokyo possible in just around two hours.

Today, we'll be introducing a Starbucks location well-known for its elegant design. Starbucks Coffee Toyama Kansui Park is just a 15-minute walk from JR Toyama Station.


First we'll be explaining how to get there. After exiting JR Toyama Station's north exit, you'll see the platform of the Toyama Light Rail. Pass right by it and continue straight until you find the entrance to Fugan Canal Kansui Park.

Fugan Canal Kansui Park


Fugan Canal Kansui Park is a 9.7-hectare waterside park.


Walking further into the park, you'll see the Starbucks in the distance. The store has a unique modern-design elegant-colored exterior. Starbucks has specially-designed stores called concept stores like the Kobe Kitano Ijinkan Starbucks. This one in Toyama is also one of these.

Starbucks Coffee Toyama Kansui Park


The store is filled with sunlight thanks to its many glass windows.


This is the store from the other side. You might enjoy spending some time on the terrace seats in the warmer seasons.


Now let's go inside.


The sofas and tables are all done in warm colors, such as brown or red-orange.


Look up at the ceiling and you'll find that the building uses a lot of wood to add to the warm feel.


You don't have to sit at a window seat to be able to enjoy the view of the canal and Tenmonkyo Bridge.

Toyama Starbucks

Photo by Starbucks Coffee Japan

A warm Starbuck Latte (tall, 370 yen before tax) and a chocolate chunk scone (230 yen before tax) are perfect for the cold Hokuriku winter. The melted chocolate of a warmed-up scone is really something.


Now let's have a look at those terrace seats.


There's a pedestrian walkway within the park where many locals come to walk their dogs. That might be why you can find this in a corner of the terrace area.


The park's iconic Tenmonkyo Bridge has observation towers on either end and between these towers is a 58-meter long "red yarn phone (akai ito denwa)". You can use this phone to speak to someone on the other side through the yarn. It's a fun attraction for families and couples alike (not available during the winter season from December to March).


This is the view from atop an observation tower. The snow-covered Tateyama Mountain Range can be seen in the distance.


Visitors can ride a cruise ship called the Fugan Suijo Line from April to November.


You'll see many cute birds and ducks like these walking along the canal. Many migratory birds can be found in the Hokuriku Region. A stroll around the park will allow you to hear not only the chirps of birds, but also cicadas crying in the summer and the sounds of small insects and other creatures in the fall.

Of the several Starbucks Coffee concept stores, there aren't many that can be found in the middle of a central park fitting in perfectly with its natural surroundings. The store is within walking distance from JR Toyama Station, so we recommend stopping by.


Starbucks Coffee Toyama Kansui Park
Address: Toyama, Toyama, Minatoirifunecho 5, Toyama Fugan Canal Kansui Park
Hours: 8:00-22:30
Closed: Irregular
Wi-Fi: Yes
Credit Cards: Accepts most credit cards
Menus in Other Languages: English
Nearest Station: Toyama Station (JR Takayama Main, JR Hokuriku Main, Ainokaze Toyama Railway Lines), or Intekku Honsha-mae Station (Toyama Light Rail Line )
Access: 15-minute walk from Toyama Station or 10-minute walk from Intekku Honsha-mae Station
Price Range: 300 yen - 1000 yen
Phone Number: +81-76-439-2630
Website: Starbucks Coffee Japan Toyama Kansui Park

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