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No Japanese? No Problem! Try The Tokyo Dome City Attractions

No Japanese? No Problem! Try The Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Inubushi Yoshiyuki

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The Tokyo Dome City is home to shopping areas, hotels, and even an amusement park. We list five great attractions for foreign visitors to the park.

There is a place in Tokyo which is home to an amusement park, shopping areas, and even hotels - Tokyo Dome City, an comprehensive entertainment institution located in the heart of Tokyo. Tokyo Dome City has so many shops and services that it’s entirely possible to spend an entire day here.

This time, we’d like to single out one spot in particular, known for its all-ages appeal: the amusement park Tokyo Dome City Attractions.

The Closest Stations and Two Ticket Counters!


Tokyo Dome City is easily accessed, as it’s a short five-minute walk from any one of three stations: Kasuga Station, Kōrakuen Station, or Suidōbashi Station.

In addition, admission to Tokyo Dome City Attractions is free, and you can go in and out at will. For that reason, you can enjoy the attractions in the morning, go out to eat lunch and do some shopping, come back at night to enjoy the view from the Ferris Wheel, then end the day with an invigorating hot spring visit to cap off the day. The flexibility of the park is one of its selling points.

To ride the attractions, you have to either buy tickets from the ticket machines, purchase a one-day passport, or pick up a bargain passport. Passports can be bought at one of two ticket counters: the Attractions Ticket Counter and the Raku-A Ticket Counter. You can find more information about prices and passport types on this page.

Let’s Ride The Attractions!

After you’ve gotten your tickets, hurry over to the attractions! We’ll introduce five attractions which can be fully enjoyed by foreign visitors, as there will be no need to speak Japanese.

1. Thunder Dolphin


The first attraction, which blasts around in every direction through the park interior, is the Thunder Dolphin roller coaster. At its highest point, the coaster is a remarkable 80 meters above the ground, the second-highest point of any coaster in Japan. You can savor a brilliant view of Tokyo from above, but the fear before you plunge from that height increases, too.

2. Wonder Drop


The Wonder Drop slider is themed around the pairing of water and greenery. While the current lazily carries you along at first, a swift plunge - from 13 meters in the air - awaits you at the end. The wave of spray gets bigger depending on how many people are on the slider, so it’s definitely more fun with family and friends! This satisfying attraction is refreshing and thrilling in equal measure.

3. Sky Flower


From this Sky Flower, you can appreciate the view of the city center while you gracefully soar through the air. Established in 1969, the Sky Flower has the longest history of any ride at Tokyo Dome City Attractions. How about experiencing the simple thrill of traveling 60 meters into the air on a gondola, as you feel the invigorating touch of the wind?

4. The Dive


Pictures provided by: Tokyo Dome City Attractions

An extremely popular indoor attraction with kids and adults alike, The Dive is a shooting game where riders hop into a diving pod to explore the deep sea. There is also a high score ranking, so aim for the top score!

5. Big O


The Big O, a giant Ferris Wheel which can be seen from passing trains, is the symbol of Tokyo Dome City Attractions. It is the world’s first ring-shaped Ferris Wheel, spanning 60 meters in diameter, and the Thunder Dolphin passes through it. From the highest point on the Big O, you can get a perfect panoramic view of the Skytree and the rest of the city, all to yourself.


In addition, through the tablets installed in each gondola in January 2016, you can also enjoy your own selection of background music as well as hear guide information about Tokyo Dome City. This functionality is available in English, Simplified Chinese and Korean, so foreign visitors can fully enjoy the ride.

In Closing

Tokyo Dome City Attractions contains 25 different attractions in total. Some of them are also free, and you can fully enjoy them by dropping in while you’re walking around.

Tokyo Dome City also has a free wi-fi passport service, targeted at foreign tourists. If you’re a traveler looking for a totally satisfying trip, how about visiting Tokyo Dome City?

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Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Address: Tokyo, Bunkyō, Kōraku 1 Chome-3-61
Operating hours: 10:00-21:00 (hours may vary across events, between seasons, or because of special events)
Closed: All year
Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi Passport
Credit cards: N/A
Foreign language support: English
Foreign language pamphlets: English, Simplified Chinese, Korean; website available in English
Closest stations: Korakuen Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line or Nanboku Line); Kasuga Station (Tokyo Oedo Line); Suidobashi Line (JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line, Toei Mita Line)
Access: Three minutes from the #2 exits of Korakuen or Kasuga Station on foot: four minutes from the west or east exit of Suidobashi Station on foot
Price range: Free admission
One-Day Passport: 3900 yen (adults), 3400 yen (junior/senior high school students and seniors aged 60 and over), 2100 yen (elementary school age students), 1300 yen (children older than three)
Night Discount Passport: 2900 yen (adults), 2400 yen (junior/senior high school students and seniors aged 60 and over)
※Check the website for individual attraction prices
Phone: 03-3817-6001
Homepage: Tokyo Dome City Attractions

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