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Lodging Near The Great Buddha! IZA Kamakura Guesthouse And Bar

Lodging Near The Great Buddha! IZA Kamakura Guesthouse And Bar

Translated by Andrew J Tinkler

Written by Naoko Matsumoto

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When anyone hears the word Kamakura, one thing surely comes to mind - The Great Buddha. A stone's throw away from the Kotoku Temple's Great Buddha is the IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar, a place where you can fully enjoy sightseeing.

Kanagawa prefecture is a popular tourist destination one hour from the city by train. And when anyone hears the name Kamakura, one thing surely comes to mind - Kamakura’s Great Buddha. A stone’s throw away from The Great Buddha is the IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar, a place where you can fully enjoy sightseeing in the Hase area.

The Charm of IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar

IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar is a two-minute walk from Hase Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway, or Enoden, line.

On the street, you’ll come across a brick building with a large sign curtain hanging in the entrance. From the station, it’s almost impossible to miss!

As you enter the atrium, the first thing you’ll see is a charming reception desk and bar lounge.

The bar lounge, furnished with a fireplace, is a place for guests to hang out. The bar opens at the same time as check-in (15:00), which makes it a great place to relax and drink. You can also get food there for around 500 yen.

Available Rooms Based on Number of Guests / Needs

Rooms furnished with 3 bunk beds, though small, have a certain charm and are known for their cleanliness. There are co-ed rooms available as well as women-only rooms. The price is 3500 yen per person.

We also recommend private double rooms for couples and families (starting at 8000 yet per room). Twin rooms, as well as four person rooms are also available (starting at 14,000 yen per room).

Takoyaki Parties at IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar

Another part of IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar’s charm is how the staff members intermingle with the guests. The staff members are young, cheerful and always welcoming.

Every Saturday, the guesthouse holds a takoyaki party, a fun and worthwhile event. Even those not staying at the guesthouse can join for only 1000 yen. Using real iron plate stoves and professional cooking ware, you’ll be able to have that real takoyaki experience.

Nowadays, IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar boasts having 30% of their guests from overseas . Guests enjoy a number of different activities including surfing and sightseeing.

Points of Interest in the Surrounding Area

When one thinks of Kamakura, they think of the famous Kotoku Temple’s Great Buddha.

Another reason why people are so attracted to IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar is its location. Kotoku Temple , which houses The Great Buddha, is only a ten minute walk away. On top of that, the road which takes you there is lined with souvenir shops and restaurants. The area is always lively and full of the energy of the people enjoying themselves.

You may also rent bicycles for 1000 yen per day so if you’re looking to sightsee in the surrounding areas, by all means, take advantage of this wonderful service!

You can also reach the popular Yuigahama Beach, where tons of people go to hang out in the summer, in only two minutes. This is a place where people go to enjoy the ocean or go surfing.

People come to Hase Temple throughout the year to participate in various events including witnessing the seasonal flower gardens. All the excitement is less than five minutes from the guesthouse.

So if you’re thinking about staying in the Kamakura area, please visit IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar, with its prime location and friendly atmosphere. Here you will undoubtedly enjoy your stay in Kamakura and have a chance to intermingle with new and exciting people.


IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar
Address: Kanagawa, Kamakura, Sakanoshita 11-7
Hours: Check-in 15:00 – 22:00; Check-out 10:00
Holidays: None
Wi-Fi: Available
Credit Cards: Not accepted
Other Languages: Japanese / English
Menus in Other Languages: English
Nearest Station: Hase Station, Enoshima Electrical Railway (Enoden)
Access: 2-minute walk from Hase Station or 20-minute walk from JR Kamakura Station
Prices: Dormitory Room – 3500 yen per person / Private Four-Person Room – starting at 14,000 yen per room / Private Room – starting at 8000 yen per room.
Phone: 0467-33-5118
Website: IZA Kamakura Guesthouse and Bar

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