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A Hidden Art Spot in Shizuoka! Come Take A Look!

A Hidden Art Spot in Shizuoka! Come Take A Look!

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by Keisuke Yamada

Shizuoka 2016.10.19 Bookmark

Have you ever considered visiting Shizuoka, but doing something more than just seeing Mt. Fuji? This article introduce to you the world's only individual art gallery - the Vangi Sculpture Garden Art Gallery, located on Clematis Hill.

When people hear about the famous sightseeing spots and specialties of Shizuoka prefecture, what usually comes into mind first is Mt. Fuji and tea. Recently, Japan's number one suspension bridge the Mishima Skywalk was completed. There are many other places you will surely want to see.

Among them, there is a place we would like you to visit. It's called Cletimas Hill (Clematis no oka). Its name comes from the many seasonal kinds of clematis flowers that bloom there. You can enjoy their appeal all year long. In addition, there are art galleries, restaurants, and museums in the area. For art enthusiasts there is the Vangi Sculpture Garden Art Gallery. This art gallery displays the works of the Italian sculptor Giuliano Vangi and many of the works displayed here have an individualistic trait.

We will be introducing to you the Vangi Sculpture Garden Art Gallery, a unique facility even within Clematis Hill.

About the Vangi Sculpture Garden Art Gallery

The Vangi Sculpture Garden Art Gallery was opened on April 28th 2002, and is the world's only individual art gallery opened by modern concrete sculptor Giuliano Vangi. The art gallery displays works of art ranging from those made in the 1960's to newly made sculptures. If you wish to become one with the scenery, you can enjoy the arts located in the garden, but if you want to appreciate the works of art by room light, you can enjoy them inside.

The features of Vangi's works can be traced especially in those made from mixed marble, granite, nickel alloy, silver or bronze only. The whites of the eyes of each sculpture are the only part that was made with a different material.

"The man in purple clothes"

The face and the hands coming out from the clothes are wood carvings, the head is from a walnut tree, and the body is made from a Japanese linden tree. Only the mustache is made from a different material than the face and body. You can instantly see Vangi's selective style.

This one uses a mirror. This one is unique in that you can see a different expression on the woman's face depending on the angle.

"The woman inside the tube"

This woman seems to be unable to get her hands and feet out. What can she be thinking?

"Trying not to hear"

You can see this man is trying not to hear anything by covering his ears.

"Ploughed land"

A person clasping their hands while sitting on ploughed land. What could he be wishing for?

"Two heads"

Are they in love? I'm intrigued by their expressions.

The inside exhibition has art work lined up in a wide place like this, making it easy to appreciate them at your own pace.

The works of art are displayed even at the bottom of the stairs.

There are many other works of art on display that you'll probably find amusing. If you look at them at a relaxed place it will take about a hour to see them all.

In Conclusion

How was it? Those who like art galleries will surely enjoy the Vangi Sculpture Garden Art Gallery. There are many more workd than those introduced here. If you come to Shizuoka, how about visiting this unique gallery on Clematis Hill.


Clematis Hill - Vangi Sculpture Garden Art Gallery

Address: 347-1 Higashi no Clematis no oka, Nagaizumi-cho, Shizuoka
Hours: 10:00 - 16:30 (November - January) The program varies depending on the season.
Closed: All facilites - Wednesdays (Open in the case of holidays and is closed the following day)/end of year/start of new year
Credit cards:-
Menu in other languages:-
Most accessible station: JR Mishima station (JR三島駅)
Access: Free shuttle bus from the North exit of JR Mishima station(JR三島駅)
Price Range:
Vangi Sculpture Garden Art Gallery/Clematis Hill 1,200 yen (1,000 yen from Novemebr~March)
Bernard Buffet Art Gallery - Adults 1,000 yen
Inoue Yasushi Literature Building - 500 yen
Phone number: +81-3-055-989-8787
Official Website: Clematis Hill (Japanese)

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