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At Cafe Yū In Fukuoka, Coffee And Pottery Make A Perfect Pair

At Cafe Yū In Fukuoka, Coffee And Pottery Make A Perfect Pair

Translated by Greg

Written by miki fukumuro

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Welcome to stylish Cafe Yū, where matcha lattes are served in handcrafted pottery cups. This cafe is located in Fukuoka city's Daimyō ward, a trend-setting area.


Fukuoka city's Daimyō ward, popular among young people for its trend-setting atmosphere, is an area dotted with unique and sophisticated cafes, vintage clothing stores and miscellaneous goods shops. Among these is Cafe Yū, created by its manager Yū Kōbō as a place for rest and relaxation. Here at Cafe Yū where you can also try your hand at making pottery.

A Cafe Pairs Up With Pottery


Once you step inside the cafe, it's like an oasis where you can leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you. The window area which looks into the inner courtyard is decorated with Japanese pottery, which also happens to be Cafe Yū's main concept.


Various items inside the shop are made exclusively by the staff members. Throughout the cafe, from the decorations hanging over the counter to the pottery displayed on every table, the warm presence of the staff can be felt. The displays change with the seasons making your next visit something to look forward to.

Choose Your Own Coffee Cup!


Cafe Yū is a unique shop where they go out of their way to ensure you'll have a pleasurable experience. Once you've secured a table, you then go to the counter to place your order from the menu and pay.


When you order your drink, you can choose your own cup. All cups are made of Japanese pottery and there's even one in the shape of a cute, cuddly bear, Kuma-san, who's a big hit with the customers.

Incidentally, all the cups have been hand-made by the staff too. You will marvel at their variations in texture, shape and color.


And for our visitors to Japan, rest assured that they also have English menus.

Enjoy the Food on the Menu and the Hand-made Pottery


In addition to the pottery drinking cups, you can also enjoy the pottery dishes that the food comes in. We recommend the lunch special (850 yen) served from 11:30-15:00. Choose either a hot sandwich or croissant sandwich, both of which come with a mini-salad and drink. On weekends and holidays, cake is added to the special (1400 yen).


Order a hot Cafe Latte (550 yen) and you'll receive the full latte art treatment. When you peer into your coffee cup, you might even be tempted to take a picture of Kuma-san's cute caricature!

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For visitors to Japan, we recommend the Japanese matcha menu. In particular, the staff urge you to try the matcha latte (600 yen), which has even gained popularity overseas. Along with the matcha latte, why not indulge yourself in a matcha parfait (950 yen)? It's packed with matcha ice cream and shiratama or rice flour dumplings, and anko, sweet red azuki bean paste (left side in photo). Or how about sampling a dish of vanilla ice cream along with it's perfect accompaniment, a matcha roll cake (500 yen)?

Items Perfect For Souvenirs - On Sale Now!


Inside the cafe, Japanese-style pottery is sold. During the "Pottery Market", held at various times of the year, you can purchase pottery at reasonable prices. Since there is only one of each pottery item, you just might uncover a real gem.


This is the stylish, much sought after "Tai Mon Kun Cup"(2500 yen), which is popular among the cafe's regular customers. It's a Yū Kōbō and Cafe Yū original character piece of pottery.


In addition to cups and dishes, there is also a full selection of glassware and accessory items to choose from.


Cat shaped chopstick rests are on sale for 399 yen (tax extra). You can only buy these cute items here, since they are all hand-made by the cafe's own staff. They have an assortment of images, so be sure to choose the one you like.

Make Yourself at Home at this Pottery-filled Cafe


The inside of the cafe is filled with luscious greenery and decorated with various staff creations. The hand-made pottery and delicious menu items will ensure you have a satisfying visit. It's the kind of place where you'll naturally feel relaxed and comfortable.

On the second floor, a pottery workshop space is now open. Here you can take part in a one day pottery-making experience (in Japanese only). They are currently taking reservations online, so for details please refer to their official home page (Japanese).

Next time you're in the Daimyō area, we suggest you drop in for a visit. Cafe Yū is a relaxing place where careful thought and consideration has been given to the beautiful hand-made Japanese pottery and unique cafe decor.

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Fukuoka-Hakata, Tenjin Pottery Workshop and Cafe Yū

Address: Fukuoka City, Chūō, Daimyō 1-2-38, 1-2F
Hours: 11:30-19:30 (last order 19:00)
Credit Cards: Not accepted
Menu in Other Languages: English
Nearest Station: Tenjin station (天神駅) on Fukuoka Nishitetsu line
Access: 10 minute walk from south exit of Tenjin station
Price Range: starting from 500 Yen
Phone Number: 092-725-7777
Website: Fukuoka-Hakata, Tenjin Pottery Workshop and Cafe Yū (Japanese)

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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