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Sake-Flavored Chocolate? Try The Japanese Sake KitKat!


Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Mami Wakamatsu


A popular souvenir from Japan is something matcha green tea flavored. While the matcha KitKat continues to be a popular item, there is a new sake flavored KitKat that is sure to attract plenty of attention too!

Snacks have become a staple souvenir from Japan.

Out of the many snacks, a particularly popular one is the matcha KitKat. Following the matcha KitKat, the Japanese sake flavored KitKat was introduced on February 1st, 2016.

Introducing the Japanese Sake Flavored KitKat

Japanese sake has been landing in the spotlight alongside washoku (Japanese food) in recent years. This time, Japanese sake has met the popular western snack, KitKat chocolate bars. The secret behind the delicate Japanese sake taste of these bars comes from the Japanese sake flavored chocolate that coats layers of wafer and Japanese sake powder.

While being a chocolate, you can still enjoy the aromatic taste of sake along with the bold flavors that follow in the aftertaste.

The packaging also has cherry blossoms and a bottle of Japanese sake that make it a great, very Japanese gift to bring back as a souvenir.

What Would You Buy as a Souvenir from Japan?

This time, we decided to try the sake flavored KitKat at the MATCHA office. In order to get opinions from people outside of Japan, we decided to ask our Taiwanese editors, Miho and Eric, to give it a try!

Before tasting them, we asked them what they usually buy as souvenirs from Japan.

Miho: "I usually buy Japanese snacks like gummies and chocolate since you can buy them in bulk and they're easy to carry."

Eric: "As a souvenir from Japan, I've bought chopsticks. Also, instant noodles since Japan has so many flavors and it's fun to try them."

As you can see, we have gotten different responses, but food seems to be a common souvenir for both.

Matcha green tea snacks are very popular nonetheless.

Miho: ”But matcha green tea KitKats are also sold in Taiwan now.”

Due to the popularity of matcha green tea, it has become purchasable outside of Japan in certain countries. But now there is the Japanese Sake KitKat that is likely to become the next staple gift from Japan.

Now, how does it taste? We had the two give it a try.

A Flavor That Is True to Its Name

When you first open the box, you will be surprised at the strong scent of Japanese sake.

Miho: ”Wow! It actually tastes like dry sake!”

Apparently, it was true to its name even more than expected.

When people imagine chocolate, they may think of something sweet but this KitKat is not only sweet but also replicates the dryness of Japanese sake. Powdered sake is used as an ingredient that brings out the bold flavor of sake.

Eric: ”I feel like I just drank sake after eating chocolate! I think this will be well received by people who like alcohol or Japanese sake.”

There is 0.8% alcoholic percentage and perhaps people who aren't used to alcohol or aren't very good with sake might feel a bit tipsy. But that also proves how true it is to its flavor. Those who like alcohol can enjoy pairing this KitKat with a glass of their favorite Japanese sake. It would be a great souvenir for adults.

The deep flavors of Japanese sake harmonize with the creamy texture of chocolate and create a rich flavored Japanese Sake KitKat. You can find them in souvenir shops around Japan and major shops like Don Quijote. Why not add this to your next shopping list for souvenirs in Japan?

*This is not recommended for young children or those who do not or cannot drink alcohol.

Japanese Sake KitKat
9 Pieces: 700 yen (without tax). Sold in souvenir stores (such as Don Quijote) nationwide.

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