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Fukuoka's Secret Eggy Specialty: Kokura Yaki Udon

Fukuoka's Secret Eggy Specialty: Kokura Yaki Udon

Fukuoka's Secret Eggy Specialty: Kokura Yaki Udon

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Norihisa Hasegawa

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Yaki udon can be found in restaurants around Japan, but we recommend eating it in Kokura, Fukuoka, where it originated. In this article we introduce Fukuoka's specialty dish. It's not just ramen and motsunabe that they have!

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Norihisa Hasegawa

What do you enjoy most about traveling? Other than getting to know the local culture, tasting the local dishes and B-kyu gurume is probably something that many travelers look forward to.

Today we'll be introducing a signature Fukuoka dish. Along with motsunabe and Hakata ramen, another Fukuoka must-eat is the famous Kokura Yaki Udon.

What Is Yaki Udon?


Yaki udon is basically made in the same way as yakisoba. Noodles, pork, and vegetables are stir fried and flavored with a salty-sweet sauce. The largest difference from yakisoba is its chewy soft texture. The noodles are also thicker and mix well with the sauce. Many joints have their own original sauce.

In present day, yaki udon can be found in various locations around Japan made from local ingredients, but yaki udon culture originated in Kokura, Fukuoka.

Characteristics of Kokura Yaku Udon


Kokura Yaki Udon was born in Kokura, Fukuoka, in the 1940s during a time when the country was suffering from food shortage. It's said that a shop wanting to make yakisoba couldn't find soba, and instead used dried udon that was easier to get their hands on. This was the start of yaki udon.

Kokura yaki udon is unique for using dried noodles as well as fresh local vegetables for ingredients. Unlike other yaki udon, using dried noodles gives this udon a nice brown color when cooked. The sauce also has a delicious smell.

Akachan Shokudo - A Local Favorite


Within walking distance from Kokura Station is Torimachi Shokudogai, a shopping street lined with many restaurants as well cosmetics and variety shops.


Also located in this shopping street is a restaurant long-loved by locals.

Akachan Shokudo is a traditional restaurant that serves teishoku sets and noodles. They offer a wide variety of dishes, but their most popular is the yaki udon.


Another great characteristic of yaki udon is that it can be customized to restaurant's liking. The yaki udon (500 yen) here is topped with a sunny side up egg.


The noodles are cooked right in front of your eyes. You'll have to hold back your drool as the delicious smell tickles your nose. The over easy egg spills out to mix perfectly with the rich Worcester sauce. This is a great comfort food dish that is both warm and filling.

In Conclusion

Today, yaki udon can be found on the menus of countless restaurants around Japan, but we highly recommend tasting the Kokura Yaki Udon where it originated!

When you visit Kitakyushu, you might also want to check out the unique Manga Museum, located within walking distance from JR Kokura Station.


Akachan Shokudo
Address: Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Kokurakita, Uomachi 1-4-5
Hours: 12:00-20:00
Closed: Monday
Wi-Fi: No
Credit Cards: No
Languages: Japanese
Menus in Other Languages: No
Nearest Station: JR Kokura Station
Access: 3 minute walk from Kokura Station
Price Range: -950 yen
Phone Number: +81-93-521-3148
Official Website: -

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