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Mie - The Fabulous Illuminations In Nabana No Sato

Mie - The Fabulous Illuminations In Nabana No Sato

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Nabana no Sato in Kuwana city, Mie prefecture, is a place where you can enjoy some of the most beautiful illuminations in Japan. The illuminations can be viewed until May. During the day, the seasonal flowers make for a gorgeous sight. After sunset you ca

It is often believed that illuminations can be viewed only in winter.

In Nabana no Sato, Mie prefecture, each year the illuminations last until May. In this article, we introduce the illuminations of Nabana no Sato, which can be seen even by those who don't like heading out during the cold days of winter.

Basic Facts About Nabana no Sato

Spreading across almost 300,000 square meters, Nabana no Sato is one of the largest garden squares in Japan.

Nabana no Sato has been investing a great deal of effort into their illuminations each year. Based on votes by nighttime scenery viewers, it has occupied the first place in the national illuminations ranking for three years in a row.

The period when the illuminations are organized spans over six months. In spring you can view yozakura (illuminations of sakura) and plum trees in bloom. You can enjoy a different landscape depending on the time of the year.

In addition, in Nabana no Sato there are restaurants that serve Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine, and you can taste the local Nagashima-chi Beer here as well. The natural hot springs, Sato no yu, and the souvenir shops are also very appreciated by visitors.

One of the Largest Garden Houses and Seasonal Flowers

Let's see what kind of flowers can be viewed in Nabana no Sato each season.


Photo courtesy of: Mie Tourism Association

From the second half of March until late April, beautiful tulips are in bloom.


Photo courtesy of: Mie Tourism Association

From the middle of September until early November, you can see colorful cosmos flowers. The shape of these flowers resembles that of sakura, so cosmos are also called akizakura, or autumn cherry blossoms.


Photo courtesy of: Mie Tourism Association

Near the main area of the garden, which is called the flower square there is the hydrangea and iris garden. The hydrangea blooming during the rainy season (*) is a sight that you shouldn't miss. On a field of almost 26,000 square meters, you can enjoy the view of a sea of blue flowers, that seems to reflect the shades of the sky.

*1 Tsuyu: the June rainy season.

Peter Rabbit and the "Sea of Light Clouds"


To see the illuminations, you go passed the statue of Peter Rabbit that stands at the entrance. Anyone reaching this point will already feel excited just imagining what lies ahead.


The first sight in store for the visitors in the "Sea of Light Clouds", a show of blue illuminations installed on a vast flower field.


The area under the arches is very popular with couples.

"The Great River of Light" - Shooting Stars Before Your Eyes


The illuminations above water at Nabana no Sato are one of the few in the country. The lights move and twist above water, reminding visitors of falling stars.


This pond is in the center of Nabana no Sato, so you can enjoy the view from any direction. Find your favorite angle and make sure to take pictures!

Surrounded by Flower Petals - "The Corridor of Light"


A 200-meter long corridor of light. You will be amazed at this splendid sight the moment you enter. This illumination is made using light bulbs that are shaped like flower petals.


Walking through the corridor, you will feel a sense tranquility settle upon you; it's as though you were strolling in another world.

A Romantic Tunnel - "The Blue World"


In this 100 m long romantic corridor, three types of blue LED lights are used and changed along the course, which give it a dreamlike atmosphere. As you walk this tunnel, you will feel as free as if you were floating in the sea, or through the sky.

Other Must See Parts of Nabana no Sato

The Landscape Floating Above Water


Although it is not an illumination, this scenery is also a must see. These lit up trees reflected on the water's surface are a sight that will leave you speechless.


Warm Foot Bath

When you want to take a rest, you can refresh yourself here with a foot bath hot spring. A towel vendor machine is available, so you needn't bring anything with you to enjoy this facility.

Nabana no Sato is a place you will enjoy with all your heart and a pleasant destination for a family or romantic trip.


Nabana no Sato
Address: Mie, Kuwana, Nagashima, Komae Urushibata 270
Hours: 9:00 - 21:00 (open some days until 22:00, see website for details)
*Illuminations last from sunset to closing.
Closed: May 1st - July 15th
Nearest Station: Kintetsu Nagashima Station
Access: 10 minute bus ride from Kintetsu Nagashima Station
Entrance fee: 2100 yen (during the illumination period) *includes a 1000 yen coupon that you can use in the garden
Phone: 0594-41-0787
Website: Nabana no Sato

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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