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Osaka's Kuromon Market - Fresh Seafood And Affordable Blowfish

Osaka's Kuromon Market - Fresh Seafood And Affordable Blowfish

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Keisuke Yamada

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The Kuromon Market in Osaka offers fresh specialties such as fugu (blowfish) and other amazing seafood, as well as vegetables and fruit. It is a great place to eat after shopping at the close by Namba.

Savor Osaka's Local Food

Osaka's Kuromon Market - Fresh Seafood And Affordable Blowfish

Osaka offers many famous foods. There is almost nowhere you can go in the city without finding a restaurant or the famous street food such as takoyaki (fried dough balls filled wih octopus). However, if you want to really experience the local cuisine and atmosphere of a place, the best places to go are the local markets.

This time, we will introduce Osaka's famous Kuromon Market, with its wide array of delicious Osaka food options and relaxing atmosphere.

The Kuromon Market - Shopping and Fresh Seafood

The Kuromon (“Black Gate”) Market, located in the Nipponbashi district of Osaka. The market is known for its veritable treasure trove of food choices, which rivals the offerings of the cities Tsuruhashi Market and Toyonaka City’s Honan Market.

There are approximately 180 businesses in the Kuromon Market, and half of them offer seafood. In addition to seafood booths, there are also shops handling fruits, vegetables, and dried foods. There are also supermarkets with comprehensive food inventories. If you come to the Kuromon Market, you can buy nearly every delicious item imaginary.

The Kuromon Market was formerly known as Enmyoji Market due to its proximity to the Enmyoji Temple. It is believed that the current name was derived from the temple gate’s black paint as people always referred to it as the black gate.

The Kuromon Market's Famous Fugu

Fugu (blowfish) is the Kuromon Market’s delicious specialty. Fugu is known as an expensive seafood treat in Japan. It is estimated that Osaka is responsible for three-fifths of domestic fugu consumption. If you ask a local person where to get tasty fugu, the Kuromon Market will probably be one of the first places they mention.

Japan, China, and Korea are the only countries with a culture of eating fugu. In other countries, it is mainly known for its poison and considered inedible.

However, there is no need to worry. In Japan, you need to be certified in order to cook with fugu. You can rest assured that fugu served at restaurants will be safe to eat.

You Can Eat More Than Just Fugu At Kuromon Market!!

You can eat plenty of delicious seafood at Kuromon Market other than fugu. A variety of shops at the market offer delicious freshly prepared food such as these delicious-tasting skewer of grilled squid.

The scent of delights such as the scallops above wafts through the market. All of the shops handle the freshest ingredients, so feel free to try whatever looks delicious.


At some shops you can choose what you’d like to have grilled and the shopkeeper will prepare it right in front of you.

Another dish we recommend is oden, a popular winter food. Usually, you pick whatever you would like from the big pot and it will be served to you inside a bowl of broth. If you have difficulty choosing what to eat first, how about starting with a slice of daikon radish or tofu? Everything in this simmering stew is delicious, so you can't go wrong.

This food is known as Imagawayaki (or obayaki) in the Kanto area, while people from Kansai call it kaitenyaki.

These wheat flour-based confectioneries, which are cooked on a metal griddle, may look simple, they’re packed with flavor. Usually, they are filled with plenty of anko (bean jam) but sometimes they also come with chocolate cream, custard, or savory fillings.

You don't have to stand while enjoying your food. There are tables and chairs in the market for shoppers to sit down and take a break. Conveniently, there is also free wi-fi service for everyone to use.

Shop for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

As mentioned before, the majority of the shops in the Kuromon Market deal with seafood but you can also buy the best seasonal ingredients here. The goods for sale are on display at the front of the store.

This is wasabi. Most city supermarkets don’t carry real wasabi roots. It is something you often only get at a local market.

Fresh bamboo shoots are best in the springtime. You rarely see bamboo shoots outside of Asia.

White strawberries and other curious fruits can also be found at the market.

A Great Place for Seafood Lovers

The Kuromon Market is located near the popular Namba area in Osaka. After a stroll through that area and some shopping there, the market is an ideal spot to go have lunch. 

Why not visit Kuromon Market to enjoy all the fresh deliciousness Osaka has to offer.

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