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At PABLO, Choose How You Want Your Cheesecake Baked

At PABLO, Choose How You Want Your Cheesecake Baked

Osaka 2016.09.02

At PABLO, they bake your cheesecake according to how you like it. You can order it rare (melt in your mouth texture), or medium (light and fluffy). Today we'll take you to PABLO's Dōtonbori shop in Osaka.

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Written by MATCHA

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Did you know there's a cheesecake shop that lets you choose how you want to have it baked?

At PABLO, a cake shop that originated in Osaka, they bake their cheesecakes for their customers, either rare or medium, not unlike customers ordering steaks in a restaurant. For those who like that melt in your mouth sensation we recommend rare, and for those who like a fluffy texture and a nice aroma, medium is your best choice.

Incidentally, the name PABLO comes from Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish painter. Apparently, the name implies that, just like Picasso did with his paintings, PABLO will surprise and delight you with their signature cheese cakes. First starting in Japan, PABLO has expanded into 18 shops primarily in Osaka and Tokyo, and have even ventured overseas with 2 shops, one each in Korea and Taiwan. Today we'll visit the Dotonbori shop in Osaka.

Eat Freshly Baked Cheesecake On the Premises

Of course, the best way to savor this delicious cheesecake is freshly baked. With this in mind, the Dotonbori shop in Osaka invites customers to their in-house cafe.

Note: Just Baked Cheesecake, Premium Cheesecake and Pablo Minis are take-out only.


Surrounded with greenery and beautiful decorations, the cafe has a stylish atmosphere.


The cafe has 105 seats. You can relax and make yourself at home in this spacious, open area.

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