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At PABLO, Choose How You Want Your Cheesecake Baked

At PABLO, Choose How You Want Your Cheesecake Baked

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At PABLO, they bake your cheesecake according to how you like it. You can order it rare (melt in your mouth texture), or medium (light and fluffy). Today we'll take you to PABLO's Dōtonbori shop in Osaka.

Did you know there's a cheesecake shop that lets you choose how you want to have it baked?

At PABLO, a cake shop that originated in Osaka, they bake their cheesecakes for their customers, either rare or medium, not unlike customers ordering steaks in a restaurant. For those who like that melt in your mouth sensation we recommend rare, and for those who like a fluffy texture and a nice aroma, medium is your best choice.

Incidentally, the name PABLO comes from Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish painter. Apparently, the name implies that, just like Picasso did with his paintings, PABLO will surprise and delight you with their signature cheesecakes. First starting in Japan, PABLO has expanded into 18 shops primarily in Osaka and Tokyo, and have even ventured overseas with 2 shops, one each in Korea and Taiwan.

Read this article to get a preview of PABLO's delicious menu.

PABLO Menu Recommendations

Of course, the best way to savor this delicious cheesecake is freshly baked. Many Pablo stores have cafes where you can indulge in cheesecake right out of the oven.

Just Baked Cheesecake

osaka pablo cheesecake

PABLO's star attraction is the Just Baked Cheesecake (900 yen, tax included). It's quite large, measuring 15 cm in diameter. Just by inserting a knife and making an initial cut, the cheese literally starts to ooze out.


With just the right balance of sweetness and tartness and a melting sensation on your tongue, this is a PABLO-only experience! They are sold as whole cheesecakes, so you can enjoy eating them with friends and family.

For take-out customers, the cheese cakes will keep for about 6 hours en-route to your destination, and will stay fresh in your fridge (below 10°C) for up to 3 days. For visitors to Japan, it's best to eat them all up during your stay here.

Premium Cheesecake

premium cheesecake pablo

The ever-popular Just Baked Cheesecake's more luxurious version the Premium Cheesecake (1,650 yen, tax included). The size hasn't changed but it has a richer, full-bodied flavor.

premium cheesecake pablo

Underneath the surface of the slightly bitter brulee, is a cake densely packed with cheese. The use of two different kinds of cream cheese is the secret to the smooth texture and the sweet, rich flavor. It will stay fresh for 3 days in the fridge, but we recommend eating it as soon as possible.

PABLO Mini (Cheese Tart)

osaka pablo cheesecake

The PABLO Mini (220 yen for plain, 250 for chocolate, 250 for matcha, tax included) which is more like a cheese tart, is popular as a souvenir and its compact size makes it easy to eat.

There are three varieties of PABLO Mini. The Plain Cheese Tart is filled with custard cream, the Rich and Creamy Chocolate Cheese Tart as the name suggests, is overflowing with chocolate, and the Matcha Cheese Tart is a Japanese interpretation of the cheese tart.

Satisfy Your Sweets Cravings!

PABLO, which currently has shops in Osaka and Tokyo in popular sightseeing areas. Be sure to try a specialty cheesecake or tart for an unforgettable taste that can't be experienced anywhere else.

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