Umie - A Cafe With A Scenic Ocean View In Kagawa

Umie - A Cafe With A Scenic Ocean View In Kagawa

Kagawa 2017.03.19

Today we take you to umie, a former warehouse turned cafe with an ocean view in Shikoku's Kagawa prefecture. It has a rustic yet stylish interior where visitors can spend a relaxing time surrounded by books.

Translated by Greg

Written by Ai Yoneda

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Have you ever taken a trip to the Shikoku region? Shikoku is the name of an island comprised of the four prefectures of Kagawa, Tokushima, Kochi and Ehime, and is also the name of this region. When compared with the famous sightseeing spots of Tokyo and Osaka, the Shikoku region is a hidden gem not as well known among visitors from abroad.

Today we'll introduce you to a cafe located in Kagawa prefecture's Takamatsu city. The cafe is called umie and is situated in a former warehouse district that's been converted into a shopping area called Kitahama Alley.

A Stylish Cafe In A Renovated Warehouse

Umie - A Cafe With A Scenic Ocean View In Kagawa

Umie's predecessor was a design office and before that it was a warehouse.
"In a comfortable space we want to do design work that is characteristic of who we are". These words represent the philosophy of a company called Dream Network Activity Limited. So with this idea in mind, they moved their office to the place that is now known as Kitahama Alley, which became the starting point for umie.

In the beginning the space was used as their office. But they soon realized that they'd like other people to see and experience this place, prompting them to open up a cafe.


When you look up at the ceiling you can see remaining traces of the former warehouse.


Inside the cafe, jazz music softly wafts through the air creating a relaxed atmosphere. The music in the cafe changes to suit the mood of the evening; when it's loud and lively, upbeat tunes are played and during those more quiet times, soothing and relaxing music can be heard.

It's the first time to come here but already I feel calm and at home so it must be the background music working its magic on me!


In the cafe space there is an eclectic mix of tables, sofas and chairs of all shapes and sizes. When it's not too crowded you can pick and choose the seat that looks the most comfortable.


The window seats in the back of the cafe offer a beautiful night view of the Takamatsu city bay area. Could this be the place to spend some romantic moments with that someone special?


The inside of the shop is decorated with a large volume of domestic and foreign books. Dream Network Activity who manages cafe umie also happens to be a design office, so there are plenty of design-related books and books featuring photo essays.

Sipping on your coffee as you look through the many books is a uniquely umie-esque way of spending time here.

Cute And Attractive Menu Items That Will Excite You!

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, tea time or dinner, umie's extensive menu has something for everyone. Next we'll give you our recommendations, including menu items that are pleasing to both the eyes and your palate.

Pink Honey Squash


On the drink menu our recommendation is the pink honey squash (600 yen). This is a lemon and honey based carbonated drink. The attractive pink color at the bottom of the glass is a mixture of honey and rose extract. The top of the drink is decorated with dried rose petals.

When you take a sip, the rich aroma of the rose and the full-bodied sweetness of the honey will delight your tastebuds.

Piping Hot Apple Pizza


On the food menu we'd really like you to try the atsu atsu ringo pizza (apple pizza - 1,000 yen). This is one delicious dish that's both satisfying as a meal and as a dessert.

Sitting atop a thin and crispy crust are apples, sour cream and cinammon.

The sweet and tangy sour cream, the sweetness of the apples and the fragrance of the cinammon are a sublime combination that will surely get you hooked on this pizza.

Umie's Original Goods Make Ideal Souvenirs!


Right as you enter the cafe, umie's original goods come into view. The coffee mugs in the picture above are the ones actually used on the shop's premises.


In Closing


Umie makes the perfect spot for taking a relaxing break while visiting the Shikoku and Kagawa area, so drop by and indulge yourself in the tasty food and stunning ocean view!


Address: Kagawa, Takamatsu city, Kitahama-cho 3-2, Kitahama Alley
Business hours:
Monday-Friday: 11:00-23:00 (Last Order 23:30)
Saturday: 10:00-23:00 (L.O. 23:30)
Sundays and Holidays: 10:00-21:00 (L.O. 20:30)
Fixed Holidays: open every day
Wi-Fi service: available
Credit cards: most major cards accepted
Nearest station: Takamatsu Chikko station (Kotohira Railway)
Access: 10 minutes on foot from Takamatasu Chikko station
Price: 1,000-1,999 yen
Telephone: 087-811-7455
Official Home Page: umie (Japanese only)

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