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We don't sell bestsellers! Fusion of Art&Culture "STANDARD BOOKSTORE"

We don't sell bestsellers! Fusion of Art&Culture

Translated by YukimiMizuno

Written by Yusuke Baba

Osaka 2015.02.10 Bookmark

There is an unique bookstore that sparks your excitement and curiosity.

For book lovers, a book store is a treasure house with new knowledges and information. In a entrance of a book store, a heart will beat as if you are entering into a toy box with favorite things.

In Shinsaibashi, there is an unique bookstore that sparks your excitement and curiosity.
"We are a bookstore, but we don't sell bestsellers." is the sales copy of the bookstore called "STANDARD BOOKSTORE."

STANDARD BOOKSTORE has three stores in Osaka, Chayamachi, Abeno, and Shinsaibashi. Today I want to introduce one in Shinsaibashi.

Geeky choices of books

As sales copy says, they don't have general bestsellers and magazines. Instead, they have abundant of books regarding arts, culture and fashion, and they also have international magazines.
You can also find rare books and books that you will be surprised by its unique contents.

The bookstore's speciality is their various genres of books. Not covering widely and shallowly, but the store is digging deeply into specific genres.

For example, there are fashion books that are hard to find in Japan. Rare international magazines and photo collections as well.
Not only that, you can take a look at a sample book before purchasing. It is very nice of them letting customers to see contents, especially for high-price books.

Moreover, you can also find a plenty of books about designing, culture, self-help, and mook (combination of book and magazine). You will forget about time exploring the store.

Not selling popular ones but selling ones they want to

Besides books, they are also selling goods and stationeries.

In a section having books about coffee, they also have coffee cups for sale. In a section of cultural magazines, there are T-shirts and stickers. It is as if they embody the books' world in the whole store.

While standing in the bookstore, you can feel that they are selling what they want to and what they highly recommend to their customers.

People who are in a selling position have a strong attachment to their products - Isn't this an important element when we buy something?

STANDARD BOOKSTORE makes you think that you want to buy things at this store even though you can get elsewhere.

Get a book? Enjoy here!

The bookstore holds two floors of the building, and they have a cafe on its first basement level.
Surprisingly, you can bring a book that you are interesting in to the cafe and read it. (There are some exceptions. Each book has a description says whether it is okay to bring in)

If you are not sure if you want to get it, go to the cafe and read couple pages with a cup of coffee. If you like it, head to the casher, if you don't like it, simply return it.

Many people are reading books in the cafe as you can see the picture above.

Usually bookstores hesitate to let their customers read books before purchasing because they are afraid of losing business chance.

However, STANDARD BOOKSTORE is different. They truly want customers to purchase books that they really like. Their thoughtfulness is great and this system is only able to exist based on trust from customers and the bookstore.

STANDARD BOOKSTORE offers a space where not only buying somethings, but enjoying something new. Get rid of an assumption of going a typical bookstore, there will be new findings here.



Address:NLC Kurisuta gurando building 1F BF, 2-2-12, Nishi-shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 〒542-0086
Open:Monday - Sunday
Station:Shinsaibashi station and Nanba station, Osaka subway, Midosuji Line

Access:From Shinsaibashi 8 min walk head South along west side of Midosuji, turn right at the Mitsuderacho intersection
From Nanba 5 min walk head North along west side of Midosuji, turn left at the Mitsuderacho intersection

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