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Enter the World of Gundam at “Dining Bar SOLOMON” in Fukuoka

Enter the World of Gundam at “Dining Bar SOLOMON” in Fukuoka

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by miki fukumuro

Fukuoka 2016.05.21 Bookmark

Enter the world of Mobile Suit Gundam in a thematic dining bar in Fukuoka. Experience fun dishes and drinks themed after the popular Japanese anime.

First aired on TV in 1979, the "Gundam series" has been much loved by fans from Japan and from around the world. It has become so important that in many Asian countries, such as South Korea, China and Hong Kong, and even in America, Gundam is considered the quintessential Japanese series.

By 2014, this long running series celebrated its 35th anniversary and now it has become pretty common to see whole families of Gundam fans. “Mobile Suit Gundam” (also known as the first Gundam) was the first of the series to be aired and still keeps its high popularity level. Let's visit Dining Bar SOLOMON located in Shiobara, Minami ward, in Fukuoka to enjoy the world of Gundam.

Note: “SOLOMON” is not associated in any way to the official company that produced the Gundam Series.

The Theme? The Red Comet, “Char” and the Zeon Forces


One step into the store will take you right into the world of Gundam! The store is based after the popular character, “Char Aznable” and the Zeon forces he is part of.


This is the sofa seat. You will be able to watch Gundam episodes on the TVs set up against the walls around the bar. Just sitting there will make you feel like you are in the world of Gundam.


Before leaving for battle, a proper mission plan is a must! The table in the back is perfect for planning your next battle. There is even a map set on the table to help with your battle plans and replicas of Gundam weapons are placed over the TVs too.


After thinking of your battle tactics, just step into the POD (Panoramic Optical Display, otherwise known as the pilot's seat) and off you go!

However, here at “SOLOMON”, the POD is actually the bathroom. There are control devices inside that will really make you feel like you are actually in a POD.

Everywhere you look there are plenty of things set up to get the customers excited - even first timers should be able to have a lot of fun here!

Filled with Figurines and Models


Throughout the store you will find plastic models and figurines of characters and Gundam Models, also known as Gunpla in Japanese. Apparently there are over 600 figurines and the majority of them were actually built and brought in by customers.

Fans of the series are sure to have a great time eating and drinking here while being surrounded by their favorite Gunpla and figurines.


The counter is also filled with all sorts of different Gunpla.


In the back of the shop, you will even find dioramas replicating scenes of Gundam battles.


And at the entrance, there is a large wooden Gundam built by a construction worker. This store has all sorts of types of Gundam for you to enjoy.

There are cosplay costumes as well, so feel free to get dressed up as your favorite character and take some photos too.

Exciting and Unique Menus


“SOLOMON” is famous for its thematic dishes that relate to the Gundam series. The dish in the back is the “Z'Gok Karaage Fried Chicken” for 750 yen and the one in front is the “Annabelle Gateaux Chocolat” for 850 yen.

The “Annabelle Gateaux Chocolat” is based off the character, Annabelle Gato from “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory”. Here, you will be able to enjoy the taste of the food, but also lots of witty Gundam jokes while eating your dish.


The “Z'Gok” figurine on the “Z'Gok Karaage Fried Chicken” is named after a Mobile Suit (MS) that appears frequently in the Gundam series. Unfortunately, the figurine on the plate is not a souvenir, so please be careful.


This is a drink based off a Mobile Suit, “Kshatriya” (850 yen) from the series “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”. There are also plenty of other great dishes and drinks inspired by the Gundam series available here.

This is a great place to enjoy all sorts of dishes filled with the fans's love for Gundam.

New to Gundam? It's Still Fun!


While “SOLOMON” is a bar that the Gundam-loving owner started, he mentioned that he would like for both Gundam fans and non-fans to have fun here!

This bar is a great place for Gundam fans to enjoy, but the friendly and inviting atmosphere is great for non-fans that simply like anime or voice actors as well.

If you ever have a chance to visit Fukuoka, why not stop by “SOLOMON” to get a taste of the Gundam world?


Dining Bar SOLOMON

Address: Fukuoka, Minami ward, Shiobara 2-2-2 Umezaki Building 1F
Hours: 19:00 - 24:00
Closed: Every Monday
Wi-Fi: Not available
Credit Cards: ‐
Language: Japanese only
Menus Available In: Not available
Station: Takeshita Station 竹下駅 , Ōhashi Station 大橋駅 (JR Kagoshima honsen JR鹿児島本線), Shimizu 4 chō-me stop 清水4丁目 (Nishitetsu Bus 西鉄バス)
Access: 10-minute walk from West Exit of Takeshita Station, 12-minute walk from East Exit of Ōhashi Station
Price Range: 500 Yen & up, plus charge fee 300 yen at the counter per person; 500 yen at the table per person.
Religion: ‐
Phone number: 092-553-6050
Official site:Dining Bar SOLOMON (Japanese)

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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