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A Landing Spot For UFOs? Kizuro - A Hidden Wonder Of Nature

A Landing Spot For UFOs? Kizuro - A Hidden Wonder Of Nature

A Landing Spot For UFOs? Kizuro - A Hidden Wonder Of Nature

Translated by MATCHA-PR

Written by MATCHA-PR

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Kizuro, Mie prefecture, is a place with wonderful natural scenery that is too less known to travelers. Hidden by the mountainous surroundings, it takes a lot of effort to reach this spot, but the amazing view is sure worth it.

Translated by MATCHA-PR

Written by MATCHA-PR

At the border between Mie prefecture and Wakayama prefecture there is a place with wonderful scenery that is still rather unknown, even to the locals - Kizuro. The best place to admire the landscape of Kizuro is from the mountains in Wakayama, so we actually climbed one of them!

Hiking Report

The hiking route leading to the beautiful scenery spot goes through places that might be dangerous or where you could get lost. That is why we recommend you first visit the Shimazu Tourism Association, located in the area, and ask for information.

To those of you who want to see this spot, rumored to be a place where UFOs are landing, we suggest you prepare carefully for the challenge of climbing this mountain.


The moment you stand at the start of the trail, you will have a deep forest before your eyes. This is the place where the trip into the unknown begins.


While climbing, you will notice that the pathway becomes steep. The fresh breeze that you will feel from time to time will soothe you when you start feeling tired on the way.


If you start feeling tired, have a short break. The steep pathway itself becomes the ideal place to rest.

Besides the explanations of the guide from the tourism association, the marks encountered on the way also become a reliable help when hiking. Some of them have funny messages on them, making the trail even more entertaining.


On the climbing trail there are also places where one can see displacements of the soil that happened in the past. For example, it seems that at the left there is a cliff from 1600 years ago, while the cliff on the right is from 7000 years ago.


A mark with the message: "During the cold season, there is a high probability for a sea of clouds to appear".

Unfortunately, the marks are now only in Japanese. However, from the number of marks set all around the mountain, you can feel the consideration of the tourism association toward the climbers.


It is really not easy to reach the spot where one can see the landscape of Kizuro. It may happen that you slip on the steep pathway and feel you would rather give up. According to our guide, it happens actually often that climbers give up on the way, because they run out of strength.


Photo by 小島鉄山

However, when we reached the spot with the wonderful view, the physical pain of the climb disappeared in a second. A landscape like we have never seen before was right before our eyes.

Seeing the land surrounded by the Kitayamagawa River, we were caught by a feeling of awe.

A Real Village


Photo by 小島鉄山

You cannot help but think that this wonderful landscape is a present from God.

There is actually an inhabited village here. There used to be an elementary school in the village, where sports competitions and other events used to be held. "Because the sports field is pretty narrow, the children in the village are not too good at running straight ahead, but instead they are really good at relays and jumping", told us the guide.
The children grow up healthy here.


Photo by 小島鉄山

In feng-shui (*1), the places where the mountain surface falls suddenly into a valley are called "dragon holes", and are seen as places with a high concentration of energy.

*1… Feng-shui is a way of determining good luck and bad luck based on the location and orientation of buildings and natural elements. It has been practiced since antiquity in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. 


On the Kitayamagawa River that runs around the Kizuro area, visitors can enjoy also other activities than hiking. If you go rafting, you will be able to see the grand valleys and steep cliffs from close.


On this mountain, you will enjoy a different landscape every season - from the fresh green trees in spring to the red leaves in autumn. If you have the chance, do come to Kizuro and feel the amazing power of this spot.

By the way, you can hire a guide for 5,000 yen. Please make a reservation by calling the tourism association.
Depending on the course you take, the price of the tour to see Kizuro will change. In addition, a reservation is needed in order to take part in the tour. Please contact the Shimazu Tourism Association by telephone or by mail.

Would you like to know more about Mie Prefecture? Please visit the following website, where Shiho, a popular guide of beautiful scenery spots, introduces the amazing nature of Mie prefecture: Shiho's Trip through Beautiful scenery spots - Mie prefecture

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Address: Mie, Kumano, Kiwachō Kizuro 99
Opening Hours: -
Closed: -
Wi-Fi: Unavailable
Credit cards: -
Language support: Japanese
Pamphlets in other languages: Unavailable
Nearest station: JR Kumanoshi station
Access: one hour by car from Kumano city.
Guide fee: 5,000 yen (for one person)
Religion: -
Telephone: 050-7001-5299
Official Website: Shimazu Tourism Association (Japanese)

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