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Real Osaka Food! Kushi-Katsu Beneath The Lights Of Shinsekai

Real Osaka Food! Kushi-Katsu Beneath The Lights Of Shinsekai

Real Osaka Food! Kushi-Katsu Beneath The Lights Of Shinsekai

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Keisuke Yamada

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Shinsekai is known for its kushi-katsu restaurants and retro Osaka vibe. This article will look into the appeal of Shinsekai and how to best enjoy kushi-katsu.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Keisuke Yamada

Right by Osaka’s famous Tsutenkaku Tower, the streets of Shinsekai are flooded with light from flashy neon signs and the busy hubbub of crowds. Shinsekai is home to plenty of places where you can enjoy delicious food.

This article will talk about the appeal of the Shinsekai area, and how to get the most out of your visit.

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What Is Shinsekai?

Located near the Osaka landmark Tsutenkaku, Shinsekai was founded in 1912. The planners intended to mimic the atmosphere of Paris and New York, while also importing the latest culture and fusing it with Japanese stylings to create a wholly unique townscape. Though it experienced a temporary decline, Shinsekai can now boast of nationwide fame as the oldest Osaka area to retain the city’s classic character. Shinsekai is the place to experience the Osaka retro vibe.

First, Check Out The Famously Gaudy Signage

Shinsekai is notable for its plethora of shops and restaurants with bright, flashy signs. Since many of these places are densely crammed together in rows, each establishment has its own method for trying to stand out from the pack.

This is a deluxe version of Billiken, the god of good fortune, whom you can see if you climb up to Tsutenkaku’s viewing platform.

Billiken has made it all the way here, too.

There are plenty of other places where you’ll want to take photos, such as this spot with a shopkeeper statue standing guard at the front.

This is a takoyaki restaurant. Thanks to the giant octopus on the sign, the shop’s specialty is obvious at a glance.

If You’re In Shinsekai, Try Kushi-Katsu

There are plenty of kushi-katsu restaurants in Shinsekai. Since there are so many options to choose from, you may waffle about where to go. However, they’ll all serve up delicious kushi-katsu, so feel free to enter whichever one takes your fancy.

Kushi-katsu refers to skewers of meat, vegetable, fish and other ingredients, which are then dipped into batter, breaded and deep-fried. It is a common food for working-class people.

Cooking techniques and ingredients vary by restaurant, but most of the kushi-katsu restaurants in Shinsekai will fry the skewers for you. After they’ve been brought to your table, dunk one in plenty of sauce and enjoy.

Double-Dipping Is Strictly Forbidden!! Let’s Obey The Rules And Freely Enjoy The Taste Of Osaka

The kushi-katsu’s umami deliciousness, locked inside the crispy coating, pairs with the sweet and sour bite of Worcestershire sauce to create a harmonious flavor symphony.

There is one thing that you must absolutely avoid when eating kushi-katsu: dipping a skewer twice, the dreaded so-called double-dipping.

Since the sauce bowls are communal, the next customer will use the same sauce. Follow this rule so that everyone can enjoy their meal. If the flavor impact of the sauce is too weak, let the sauce soak into the skewer before you take a bite.

Put each skewer in the receptacle on the table after you’ve finished.

These are just a few of the vast array of kushi-katsu restaurants in the area, and you’ll be awed by their sheer number when you visit Shinsekai for yourself. When you’ve looked at the glowing signs for long enough, and you’ve decided where to go, head inside and enjoy Shinsekai kushi-katsu.



Address: Osaka. Osaka City, Naniwa Ward, Ebisu-Higashi, 1-18-16 and the surrounding area
Closest station: Shin-Imamiya (JR, Loop Line), Ebisu-cho (subway, Sakaisuji Line), Dobutsuen-mae (subway Midosuji Line), Ebisu-cho (Hankai Railways, Hankai Line)
Access on foot:
10 minutes from JR Shin-Imamiya (east exit)
Three minutes from Ebisu-cho on the subway (exit 3)
Ten minutes from Dobutsuen-mae on the subway (exit 1)
Three minutes from Ebisu-cho on the Hankai Line (exit 3)
Prices: Under 3000 yen

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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