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The Perfect Blade! Finding Knives At Kamata In Kappabashi

The Perfect Blade! Finding Knives At Kamata In Kappabashi

Translated by Mariko Satoh

Written by Jumpei Kawashima

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Kamata is a famous kitchen knife store in Kappabashi, which is a well-known town for restaurant supplies. It offers more than 800 types of knives and is visited by chefs from around the world looking for that perfect blade.

Japanese cuisine is now well recognized all over the world. But when speaking of Japanese cuisine, one cannot miss the culture of Japanese kitchen knives.

Chefs from all over Japan visit Asakusa and Kappabashi, both known as Japan's biggest dogu-gai, or kitchen supply district, to purchase restaurant supplies according to their needs. The best way to learn about Japanese kitchen knives is to walk down the streets of Kappabashi!

In this article, we will introduce Kamata Hakensha, one of the most famous kitchen knife stores in Kappabashi. (From here on, we will refer to Kamata Hakensha as Kamata).

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Kamata Hakensha: One of the Oldest Stores in Kappabashi

Kamata, which has an easy-to-see yellow sign, has been selling kitchen knives for over 90 years since its establishment in 1923. First, we will introduce their most popular knives.

1. Damascus Steel Knife and Its Unique Pattern

Damascus Steel knives are unique for their pattern that resemble growth rings. The pattern comes out by layering multiple different metals.

Not only the look but also its quality is perfect!

Since it is made by layering different metals, it is long-lasting and very rust-resistant.

2. Wabocho, a Knife with a Natural Wood Handle

One thing you will notice right away about the wabocho (*1) is its handle.

Various woods are used, such as magnolia, cherry and ebony, giving each knife its own distinct color and appearance. Moreover, the grips come in different shapes, such as oval, octagon, and so on. Why not try each one to find the best knife to fit your hand?

*1 Wabocho: kitchen knives which have traditionally been used in Japan. Those used for western-style cooking are called yobocho.

This is Shironikokurouchi, a wabocho highly recommended by Kamata.

It is a gorgeous set of two wabocho in small and large sizes that comes in a case.

It would make a great souvenir for your family and friends.

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