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7 Shopping Spots In Kawasaki With Excellent Access To Haneda Airport!

7 Shopping Spots In Kawasaki With Excellent Access To Haneda Airport!

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by Mami Wakamatsu

Kanagawa 2016.09.07 Bookmark

Even on a tight schedule, there are dozens of restaurants and shops around Kawasaki station that you can easily check out. Today let's look at the best seven shopping spots in Kawasaki.

Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture, is located roughly 20 minutes from the international terminal of Haneda Airport, and about 20 minutes from Tokyo Station. Not only that, you can also easily get to Kanagawa's two other major sightseeing areas Yokohama and Kamakura via Kawasaki station. All around the JR Kawasaki station (*1) there are dozens of restaurants and shops that you can easily check out even on a tight schedule. Today let's look at the best seven shopping spots in Kawasaki.

*JR Kawasaki station is a 5 minute walk from Keikyu Kawasaki station which is connected to Haneda Airport.

1. Lazona Kawasaki

Perhaps the largest shopping center in all of Kawasaki is Lazona Kawasaki. Uniqlo, MUJI and other brands that have found favor with visitors to Japan, as well as trendy apparel shops, electronics stores and numerous restaurants make up the 300 plus businesses found in this mall.

In the center of this plaza you can see live concerts and events too. It's quite spacious, making it an appealing place to shop, and on weekends and holidays, it is a common place for people to meet up. Furthermore, it is easily reached from the JR Kawasaki station main exit.

2. Atré Kawasaki

If you go out of JR Kawasaki station's east exit you will find yourself standing directly across from Atré Kawasaki. while there are many stores here for women,there are also general shops, drug stores, cosmetic boutiques, restaurants and much much more here, making it an excellent place to search for souvenirs.

3. Azalea

Azalea is also found at the JR Kawasaki station east exit, though this mall is underground. With lots of fashion, general stores, restaurants and cafes to choose from, this is the perfect spot to stop for tea or lunch when out shopping. On rainy days this is also an excellent place to hang out and have fun.

4. Kawasaki More's

Kawasaki More's is a 5 minute walk from the east exit of JR Kawasaki station. Here you'll find a Starbucks, the second-hand book and electronics store Book-off, a 100 yen store and a few interesting restaurants.

5. LeFront

Also a 5 minute walk from the east exit, the electronics retail giant Bic Camera and the popular interior design store FrancFranc are just two of the incredible stores and restaurants found at LeFront, which shares a building with our next shopping spot.

6. Marui Kawasaki Store

Perhaps one of the most famous shopping center chains in Japan is Marui, which sells fashions and goods that cater to people of all ages. There are an abundant range of items for both men and women available here, with everything from formal to casual wear in a variety of styles and tastes.

7. La Cittadella

ラ チッタデッラ


A 5 minute walk from JR Kawasaki station, La Cittadella has a large cinema complex connected to it. In front of the theater there is a beautiful water fountain, where throughout the day you can see a water show set to the music from various popular movies. There are also events held from time to time in this large plaza. While there are mainly restaurants and cafes here, the shops selling fashions and accessories are very popular. La Cittadella is quite calm and has a great atmosphere, making it a great date spot too.

Shop in a Trendy and Retro Area!

These are the top seven shopping spots around Kawasaki station, all conveniently located within a 5 minute of the station itself.

Near Kawasaki station you can find some comparatively reasonably priced accommodations and, if you take the train from Keikyu Kawasaki station for 5 minutes, you will arrive at Kawasaki Daishi, an impressive temple and well-known sightseeing area. If you like to try a mix of the old and new, Kawasaki station is the perfect place for you!

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