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An Onsen With Yellow Ducks: Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku, Osaka

An Onsen With Yellow Ducks: Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku, Osaka

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Keisuke Yamada

Osaka 2016.07.15 Bookmark

Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku in Osaka, is an onsen known for its rubber ducky bath. This is a hot spring for both kids and adults. If you're in Osaka, we recommend stopping by.

There are many unique bathing facilities throughout Japan, from historical hot springs to local public baths.

Today we'll be introducing a curious onsen in Osaka, where you can find many yellow rubber ducks floating in the water. Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku is a spot for both the kids and adults.

Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku

Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku is a natural hot spring in Suminoe, Osaka city; as it is a genuine onsen, the source of the waters is located within the grounds.

At the entrance of Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku, there's a written description of what kinds of onsen are available. It is said the amount of water welling up counts to about 420 liters a minute. They warm the onsen to a suitable temperature and then pour it into the bathtub directly, without diluting it with tap water in the slightest. To find such an onsen facility in the middle of a large city like Osaka is surprising even for Japanese people.

"Iwa-no-Yu" and "Hinoki-no-Yu"

The large baths that Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku boasts are the "Iwa-no-Yu" (Rock Bath) and "Hinoki-no-Yu" (Japanese Cypress Bath).

Men can use the "Iwa-no-Yu" and women the "Hinoki-no-Yu" on the odd number days of the month, and vise-versa on the even days. If you have the chance, you should go twice to enjoy both.


This is an indoor rock-made onsen. The touch of the rock surface is nice, and the bath itself is roomy and bright.

These are baths called "Tenzan" and "Rakuzan". The hot water wells up from 1050 meters underground.

"Shigaraki" is a bath in a shape you wouldn't find in a typical home.


This is a large open-air outdoor bath. You can smell the scent of the Japanese cypress with the rising steam.

Duck Bath

Lastly, we'll be introducing the very popular Duck Bath. The Duck Bath's official name is Ahiru Yokochō Omatsuri Buro (Duck Alley Festival Bath).

As you can see, countless plastic yellow ducks are floating in the water. You can relax in the onsen while you let the adorable ducks soothe your soul.

These floating ducks are popular bath toys or bathing partners that almost everyone is familiar with. The Duck Bath can be found in the "Hinoki-no-Yu".

Food and Drinks Are Also Available

You can also enjoy a nice meal after your bath. The menu includes Japanese food, western foods and also Chinese food. There are special seasonal menus in addition to the regular menu as well.

What do you think of enjoying the spacious atmosphere, seasonal dishes, and of course the relaxing hot springs here at Kutsurogi-no-Sato?


Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku

Address: Osaka, Suminoe, Kitakagaya 3-5-37
Hours: 10:00-26:00 (Last admission 25:00)
Closed: Irregular holidays
Wi-Fi: Yes
Credit cards: -
Other Languages: -
Menus in Other Languages: -
Nearest station: Kitakagaya station of Osaka Municipal Subway Yotsubashi Line
Access: 7-minute walk from Kitakagaya station
Price range: Adults 700 yen (weekdays) 750 yen (weekends and holidays) / Children 300 yen (weekdays) 350 yen (weekends and holidays)
Phone Number: +81-6-4702-4126
Website: Kutsurogi-no-Sato Yuraku (Japanese)

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