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Tofuro, Time Travel to the Old Capitol

Tofuro, Time Travel to the Old Capitol

Translated by JingWen

Written by Shinnosuke Saito

Tokyo 2015.06.18 Bookmark

Conveniently located in Ginza, time travel back to the Edo period at Tofuro!

Ginza, the biggest attraction in Tokyo Metropolitan area. The Japanese-style bar (izakaya) we are going to talk about this time is located in the Ginzaicchoume, which appears normal and is located close to the main street.

This bar is called "Tofuro". Alhough there are other many chain-bars inside Tokyo, this one in Ginza is something different. Not only local Japanese, but foreigner tourists are all amazed by the interior decoration as well.


Experience Edo-street culture and Japanese food. Enjoy "Wabi・Sabi"

The bar is located at the second basement floor. The moment you walk out of the elevator, the atmosphere of the streets from Edo period will take your breath away.


What do you think? Can you imagine this is a basement floor?! You can't help shouting out upon seeing this for the first time.


If we go back to the concept, you will understand the design here is to express Japanese traditional culture - "Wabi・Sabi", a Japanese aesthetic centered on the acceptance of imperfection. With tea and Japanese wine, experience the townsmen culture of Edo period!


This bridge is seen as the face of the bar. You can listen to the sound of water flowing under the bridge.


Above the stream, there are second-floor seats for customers. The "real" street image of Edo period is being shown in front of you. It is recommended to have a reservation on weekends because these seats are so popular!


And the Delicious Japanese Food!

The restaurant takes pride from its food. The below photo is the sashimi of red sea-bream. There are three ways to cook red sea-bream--sashimi, salt-grilled, and broiling the fish's head. There are Japanese, English and Chinese menus available for tourists.


Private rooms are available as well; choose them if you want to take your time to enjoy a conversation.


Isn't this awesome? It is hard to imagine all these are in a second basement floor. Culture of townsmen during the Edo period, scenes of street-life, and "Wabi・Sabi" culture. Where else can you find such place to indulge yourself in the Japanese tradition and enjoy a cup of sake?

After shopping around Ginza, why don't you come here to travel back to 400-year-ago Edo period?


Restaurant name:「Tofuro」Ginzaicchoume
Address : Ginzaicchoume 1-10-6 Ginza, Chuoku,Tokyo
Closed days:No
Wi-Fi:not sure
Credit card payment:Yes
Language Menu Available in:Japanese・English・Chinese
Station:Tokyo subway Ginza line Ginzaicchoume exit 10
Price:lunch 1000yen (in a large portion)
Course menu: 2000〜4000yen
Official website:

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