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The Organic Food Buffet at Kaemon Asakusa - Delicious Vegan Cuisine!

The Organic Food Buffet at Kaemon Asakusa - Delicious Vegan Cuisine!

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Jumpei Kawashima

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Kaemon Asakusa is a buffet-style restaurant specializing in organic cuisine. Its dishes are very popular among vegans, Muslims, and health conscious people. We warmly recommend this restaurant to everybody visiting Asakusa!

In Japan, there is a type of cuisine that does not use animal products and follows the beliefs of Buddhism called shōjin ryōri, otherwise known as Buddhist cuisine.

Lately, it has become widely popular not only among Buddhists, but also among vegetarians, Muslims and health conscious people.

This time we will introduce you to the popular organic dishes offered by the restaurant Kaemon Asakusa Honten. Not only animal products, but they also don't use any sugar, nor ingredients that enter the category of gokun (*1).

(*1) Gokun: Five prohibited vegetables in Buddhism. Scallions, Chinese onions, onions, garlic and chives are part of this category.

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Food Buffet = No Waiting Time!

At Kaemon, you can order in a buffet-style.

First, pick a set menu at the entrance. The set menu contains either a rice set (1,500 yen) or pasta set (1,500 yen). The main dish is made on the spot by the staff, while the rest of the dishes are offered in buffet-style. The soup and salad is an all-you-can-eat and you can enjoy unlimited drinks, so you can adjust the amount you need on site.

There are English menus as well, so even first timers are welcome to try.

After selecting your menu, go to the counter to pick-up your meal.

Fresh Vegetable Buffet

At Kaemon, you will be able to savor freshly picked organic vegetables every day.

Choose from green leaf salads, pasta salads, potato salads, pickles and more! A wide variety of dishes line up on the counter for you to try.

The buffet style is great, as you can pick up and taste as many types of vegetables as you like.

They also make home made dressing, so do try it according to your preference.

Modern Menu Incorporating Traditional Cuisine

The main dishes at Kaemon are standard dishes such as pasta, sandwiches and rice dishes.

We especially recommend the enzyme enhanced whole grain rice plate set (1,600 yen). While keeping the traditional aspects of Buddhist cuisine, they incorporated modern ingredients in this dish. If you order the rice plate set, you can change your rice to the enzyme enhanced whole grain for an additional 100 yen.

What's so special about the enzyme enhanced whole grain rice is how the whole grain rice is cooked with red beans and kept in the cooker for two-days to bring the nutrients out. This step enhances the nutritional value of the dish.

The chewy texture of the rice is another feature that makes this dish special!

This burger also doesn't contain meat at all. To make this patty close to the consistency of meat, they mix sorghum grain, shiitake mushrooms and other ingredients to create a dense texture and flavor just like that of meat.

The Drinks and Soup Are Also Organic

At Kaemon the drinks are also made of organic products as well. From coffee to herbal teas, there are plenty of types to select from.

This is the rose hip tea. Its gentle scent and bright pink color are very soothing.

A drink we would like to recommend is this tencha tea.

It is also referred to as amacha (sweet tea) in Japanese, but its natural sweetness is very unique. It is caffeine free and very light.

Once the hot water turns slightly yellow, that is the best timing to drink it!

The soup at Kaemon is also a specialty. Using organic vegetables and mixed grains, you can only savor this special miso soup here.

Modern Buddhist Cuisine

When people think of Buddhist cuisine, most may imagine it to be very healthy, but not quite filling.

That is why at Kaemon, they flavor and prepare the meals in such a way that customers will feel full while staying healthy by eating fresh vegetables.

Kaemon Asakusa Branch is a Halal certified restaurant. In addition to that, the restaurant also has a prayer area for Muslims.

While in Asakusa how about stopping by Kaemon Asakusa, which offers delicious organic cuisine to satisfy all preferences?


Kaemon Asakusa Honten

Address: Tokyo, Taitō ward, Hanakawado 1-9-1 3F
Hours: Lunch 11:00-15:30
Dinner 17:30-21:00 (Last order 20:00)
Closed: Tuesday only during lunch
Wi-Fi: –
Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, UC, DinersClub, AMEX, JCB, China Union Pay
Languages: Simple English
Menu in Other Languages: English and traditional Chinese
Nearest Station: Asakusa Station on the Toei Asakusa Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tōbu SKYTREE Line
Access: 5-minute walk from A5 Exit of the Asakusa Line, 2-minute walk from exit 7 on the Ginza line, 0-minute walk from the north exit of the Tōbu SKYTREE Line
Prices: 1,500-2,000 yen (One plate buffet)
Religion: Halal, vegan friendly. Muslim praying space available.
Phone number: 03-6231-7920
Website: Organic Vegan Restaurant Kaemon Asakusa

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