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How To Get Around Fukuoka City! 4 Means of Transportation +1

How To Get Around Fukuoka City! 4 Means of Transportation +1

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Norihisa Hasegawa

Fukuoka 2016.06.17 Bookmark

Fukuoka is always bustling with tourists. It is a great spot for sightseeing, offering shopping areas and restaurants, and also has many established transportation systems. We'll be introducing the main means of transportation in the prefecture.

Fukuoka city of Fukuoka prefecture is a popular spot always bustling with tourists. Visitors can enjoy great food, sightseeing and shopping facilities.

By using the public transportation system, you can easily get to most popular tourist locations in the city. Today we will introduce the best means of transportation around Fukuoka that you'll want to know in order to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

1. Nishitetsu Bus


First up is the Nishitetsu Bus, which covers most of Fukuoka's metropolitan area. It's convenient for going to places like Hakata and Tenjin of course, but also to places like Kyushu's largest outlet mall, Marinoa City, and Yahuoku! Dome, where sports events and concerts take place.

Check the official website for further information and schedules.

Read also: Japanese Encyclopedia: Kyushu Region

100 Yen Loop Bus


If you're moving around major areas like Hakata, Nakasu or Tenjin, we recommend the 100 yen loop bus. You can get a ride for 100 yen no matter where you're getting off, so it's cheaper than any other means of transportation.

Look at the electric sign board at the top of the front of the bus. There is a 100 yen mark, indicating that this is a 100 yen loop bus.


This is the mark you should look for for the 100 yen bus stop. In the city of Fukuoka there is often a lot of traffic, so you will want to use this bus when you have some time to spare. Routes of the 100 yen bus can be found on the official website (Japanese only).

2. Nishitetsu Train


There are three main railway and subway corporations (Nishitetsu, Fukuoka City Subway, JR) running trains in Fukuoka.

When moving south from the Tenjin area of Fukuoka, the Nishitetsu Train is convenient. The number of trains is plentiful, and you can keep your travel time at a minimum because there is no traffic. We recommend you use it when you're headed for some river cruising in Yanagawa (Japanese) or visiting Dazaifu Tenmangū.


Just so you know, if you're headed for Dazaifu Tenmangū, you can use the tourism train Tabito to enjoy your trip even more. It has both a different exterior and interior from other trains. You can transfer to the Tabito at Nishitetsu Futsukaichi station.

For more information on Nishitetsu train's stations, check out the official website (Japanese only).

3. Fukuoka City Subway


If you're using Fukuoka Airport you should take the subway, as it is only 2 stations from the airport to Hakata station. It's also convenient when you are headed towards the west side of Fukuoka, as well as Nakasu and Tenjin.

For a detailed route map check out the Fukuoka City Subway official website.

4. JR Lines


If you want to get around not only the Fukuoka city area, but all around Fukuoka prefecture, you should use the JR lines. You can get to Kitakyūshū's Moji Port (Japanese) as well as almost all areas of Fukuoka prefecture via the JR lines. You can get to destinations that the Nishitetsu trains and Nishitetsu bus cannot take you, so if you want to enjoy the entire prefecture, the JR lines are for you.

For prices, have a look at the JR official website.

5. Velotaxi


There are many means of transportation in Fukuoka, but one we especially recommend for visitors is the Velotaxi (*1). If you want to relax and stroll around the city, you should check it out. It's operated by manpower, so it is ideal for looking around limited areas in the city.

For how to use it and how to make reservations, check out the official website (Japanese).

*1 Velotaxi: is an eco-friendly bicycle taxi.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to get around Fukuoka. Choose the one best fit for your destination, schedule and needs!

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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