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Right by Ise Shrine! 4 Delicious Treats Specific to Okage Yokochō

Right by Ise Shrine! 4 Delicious Treats Specific to Okage Yokochō

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We introduce four delicacies specific to Okage Yokochō street, located right by Ise Shrine and famous for its old, elegant Japanese houses, restaurants and souvenir shops.

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Okage Yokochō is the shopping street beyond the gates of Ise Shrine, Mie prefecture. This street is popular among visitors for its many souvenir shops, fun activities, and stores selling delicious food.

In this article we will introduce to you four delicious treats you can find here.

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1. Ise Udon Noodles at Tekone Cha-ya Tea Shop

Only in Ise can you savor the taste and texture of the unique regional Ise udon noodles. The secret behind the taste is the soy sauce created in this area. The soy sauce from Ise has a bold, yet sweet flavor. Only a little dash of it on the noodles is enough to enjoy a delicious bowl of udon noodles.

The soup also contains bonito and kelp broth that brings out the sweetness even more. Another trait of the Ise udon is the softness of the noodles. It is cooked for a longer period of time for a softer texture. (480 yen tax included.)

2. The Fisherman's Soup at Ebimaru


The Ise shrimp is widely known among the Japanese as a large, brand name shrimp. The shrimp can be eaten raw, grilled, fried and prepared in many ways. At the shop called "Ebimaru" you can taste the fresh seafood caught in the seas of Ise, Shima and Toba in the Mie prefecture.


The "Fisherman's Soup" is the number one recommended dish here.

Most miso soups contain mainly tōfu and scallions, but at Ebimaru, you can enjoy a miso soup filled with seafood. Plenty of fish and shellfish create this delicious savory soup that you can only find here! In addition, you can get unlimited refills or add a bowl of rice and pickles for a total of 1,240 yen.

3. Matsusaka Beef Skewers at Dangorojaya


If you like to eat while walking, you can't miss the Matsusaka beef skewers. Matsusaka beef is a brand name wagyū beef ("Japanese beef") raised in Matsusaka city in the Mie prefecture.

Frequently called the "art of meat", only in this location can you savor the mouth-watering Matsusaka beef for a reasonable price.

One bite and the rich flavor of this meat will amaze you. Only a dash of salt is used to bring out and emphasize the taste of this quality meat. (900 yen tax included)

4. Akafuku Mochi Rice Cakes at Akafuku honten

盆 もうせん500

A popular long-time favorite from Ise is the Akafuku mochi rice cake from the Akafuku shop. The Akafuku mochi is a rice cake with koshi-an (fine red bean paste) on top. The red bean paste of Akafuku has a subtle sweetness you will keep craving for. The mochi rice cake also has a distinct firmness that many people in Japan love.

餅入れ風景B 580KB

Each piece is made by the experienced workers of this store.


The Akafuku main store located here is nearly 130 years old. In addition to the tatami matted floors, you can leisurely watch the flow of the Isuzu river from the seats by the porch in this historical structure.

竈 冬580

Once stepping in the store, you will be welcomed by the sweet aroma of tea. The tea served at Akafuku uses water that was boiled in the large red pots shown in the photo above. You can buy a set of three Akafuku rice cakes with tea for 290 yen.

Enjoy the Historical Structures

After enjoying your meal, explore the streets aligned with replicas and reconstructed buildings from the Edo and Meiji eras.


This is a local ATM.


This retro looking convenience store in Ōharai city is made of wood. They have automated doors, but their exterior and the store sign is made of wood. It totally melts into the atmosphere of the city.

As you can see, the Okage Yokochō street in Ise city is filled with fun things to do! Why not take a break and come here while making your way to the Ise Shrine on your next visit?

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Okage Yokochō Street

Address: Mie, Ise city, Ujinakano Kirichō 52
Opening Hours: 9:30 - 17:30 (varies on season)
Closed: Open all year
Wi-Fi: Available
Credit cards: Accepted (varies on store)
Other languages: –
Support in other languages: –
Nearest station: Jingū kaikanmae (神宮会館前) bus stop
Access: Take the Mie Bus from JR Ise City Station and get off at Jingū Kaikanmae stop. One-minute walk from the stop.
Price range: varies depending on the shop
Religion: –
Telephone: 059-623-8838 (Okage Yokochō Street Information Center)
Official Homepage: Okage Yokochō (Japanese)

Tekone Cha-ya Tea Shop Naikū Branch
Address: Mie, Ise city, Ujinakano Kirichō 47-13 Ujien 2F
Opening Hours: 9:30-17:30
Closed: -
Wi-Fi: -
Credit cards: Accepted
Other languages: –
Support in other languages: –
Nearest station: Bus stop
Price range: From 450 yen
Religion: –
Telephone: 0596-27-1244
Official Homepage: 

Tekone Cha-ya Tea Shop Naikū Branch (Japanese)

Akafuku Main Branch

Address: Mie, Ise city, Ujinakano Kirichō 26
Opening Hours: 5:00 - 17:00 (varies on season)
Closed: -
Wi-Fi: -
Credit cards: Accepted
Other languages: –
Support in other languages: –
Nearest station: Bus stop
Price range: From 290 yen
Religion: –
Telephone: 0596-22-7000
Official Homepage: Akafuku Main Branch

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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