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Shimakaze Limited Express - Travel in Comfort From Nagoya to Mie

Shimakaze Limited Express - Travel in Comfort From Nagoya to Mie

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Mie prefecture has many famous sightseeing destinations, suc as Ise Grand Shrine and Kumano Kodō. If you come from abroad, we recommend traveling to Ise from Aichi Prefecture, where the Chūbu Centrair International Airport is located. We introduce here a

If you would like to visit the Ise Grand Shrine in Mie prefecture from abroad, it is the best to go from Aichi prefecture where the Chūbu Centrair International Airport is located.

This article introduces how to travel from Nagoya, the capital of Aichi prefecture, to Ise, the location of Ise Grand Shrine.

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Start from Kintetsu-Nagoya Station


First of all, there are two railway companies, the Central Japan Railways and the Kintetsu Corporation, or Kintetsu for short, which provide train services in this region. Kintetsu is used more by the local people as it operates more trains.

The most common way to reach Ise city is taking a train from Kintetsu Nagoya station to Iseshi Station. JR Nagoya Station and Kintetsu Nagoya Station are pretty far away from each other. Please make sure which station you are at.


A normal ticket between these two stations costs 1,450 yen. On the other hand, a limited express ticket costs 2,770 yen as you need to pay an additional fee for a reserved seat which is 1,320 yen. If you take a limited express train, you will be in Iseshi Station in one hour and 25 minutes. You can buy a limited express ticket at a ticket office or book it on the internet in advance. If you want to buy it on the internet, you need to sign up.

If you want to save money on transportation fees, you can take an express train. The journey will take about one hour and 45 minutes. As the seats are not assigned, you might need to stand all the way.

An Enjoyable Ride - The Kintetsu Shimakaze Limited Express


Several limited express trains run between Nagoya and Ise. The train that we would like to recommend is the Kintetsu Shimakaze Limited Express (Shimakaze for short).

Shimakaze departs from three cities - Osaka, Kyotoand Nagoya, and heads towards Ise-shima region in Mie prefecture. KAZE means "wind" in Japanese. The theme of its car body design is the fresh wind blowing in the Ise-shima region. The car bodies of these trains are blue in color, allowing one to imagine the sunny sky of Ise-Shima.

There is only one train per day which leaves Kintetsu Nagoya Station at 10:25 (no trains run on Thursday). It is better to book tickets on the internet in advance as only one train runs per day. Besides, the high quality of its services and the well equipped cars are really popular among travelers. The ride to Iseshi Station costs 3,590 yen in total. It takes one hour and 15 minutes, so you will arrive in Ise city at 11:40.

Its Stately Interior

There are six cars in total. The first car and the last car are observation cars. Their wide windows will let you experience dynamic views such as a the blue sky and the natural scenery.


The fourth car is the "cafe car" and has two floors. You can get to enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks while watching the wonderful view from the window. The first floor is equipped with sofa seating, while the second floor has counter seats.


A private compartment car is also available.  A female train staff will bring food and drinks if you order. If a compartment is a Japanese style room, please take off your shoes as it is the basic rule of Japanese culture.


If it is Western style room, you will find an L shaped sofa and a table just like in a living room.

Services and Facilities


The seats in the first, second, fifth and sixth car are covered in soft leather. The space between seats is 125 cm, allowing passengers not to feel cramped. In addition, Wi-Fi access is also provided.

In Conclusion

Please enjoy your ride to Ise by the Shimakaze Sightseeing Limited Express while relaxing and watching the stunning landscape on the way from Nagoya to Ise.

Image courtesy of Kintetsu Corporation

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