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Sakura Shrimp Straight From Yui Harbor, Shizuoka - Best In The World!

Sakura Shrimp Straight From Yui Harbor, Shizuoka - Best In The World!

Translated by Andrew J Tinkler

Written by Keisuke Yamada

Shizuoka 2017.10.18 Bookmark

Experience the world of raw sakura shrimp. That glowing red color that reminds one of a jewel. A rare beauty that wants to be eaten right out of the ocean. If you ever make it to Shizuoka City you should definitely try the sakura shrimp.

Shizuoka prefecture is nestled halfway between Tokyo and Osaka. Within Shizuoka prefecture is the extremely deep Suruga Bay where you can catch a number of different fish. Among these catches is the rare and famous sakura shrimp, which can only be caught in Shizuoka prefecture’s Yui Harbor in Shizuoka City and Oigawa Harbor in Yaezu.

The sakura shrimp is a small shrimp measuring just a few centimeters. When you eat through the shell you’ll be able to experience the full flavor. In Japan, the sakura shrimp is used in a variety of dishes.

In this article, we will introduce the unique flavor and charm of the sakura shrimp caught in Yui Harbor along with the amazing view of shrimp and Mt. Fuji.

Yui Harbor in Shizuoka City

Shizuoka City is the prosperous capital of Shizuoka prefecture, located roughly in the center. Inside the city lie the Yui/Uchihara Districts, where you can fish for sakura shrimp.

You’ll be able to see the sign “Welcome to Yui! Japan’s Number 1 City for Sakura Shrimp” on the platform of Yui Station. This place is well known in Japan for being the city where you can catch sakura shrimp. When the shrimp fishing season begins, it is not rare to see lines outside restaurants of people from all over Japan.

The Unique and Masterful View of Sun Drying

Suruga Bay is the only place in Japan where you can catch sakura shrimp. During the spring harvest season (end of March – beginning of June) and the fall harvest season (end of October – end of December) the sakura shrimp unloaded in Yui Harbor are dried on the river bank of Fuji River in Kanbara.

On sunny days, you’ll be able to experience seeing the pink shrimp drying out on the ground with the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji in the background.

If you go near to where the shrimp are drying, you’ll be able to smell their aroma. And mixed with the scent of the wind coming off the seashore and hitting your face, this makes for the only place in the world where you’ll be able to experience such a soothing atmosphere.

This time I was able to touch the special dried-out sakura shrimp. I heard that the shrimp that are outside drying on very sunny days are the most delicious. Having lost some of its moisture, the shrimps’ flavor is condensed, making it a perfect match for a number of dishes.

Trying the Sakura Shrimp

I actually got the opportunity to try the sakura shrimp at a restaurant near Yui Harbor. First, I tried them raw. What I’d like you to look at first is their translucency. They sparkle, leaving you with the impression of jewels on a plate. I highly recommend eating them with no sauce or toppings whatsoever. Having tasted the perfect combination of sweetness and savoriness, I couldn't help but sigh in satisfaction.

Next, I tried the sakura shrimp kakiage! Kakiage is a tempura dish made of finely cut vegetables and seafood. Here, the kakiage is chock-full of shrimp! There were really only a few bits of onions and other vegetables inside.

If you have kakiage anywhere outside Shizuoka City, you’ll be disappointed to know that it is vegetable heavy with only a minimal amount of shrimp. But here, you’ll be able to eat kakiage with an exorbitant amount of fresh, tasty sakura shrimp.

Here we have a dish called Oki Agari, a local dish eaten by fishermen. To put it simply, it’s a sakura shrimp hot pot. It is said that fishermen make this dish from the very shrimp that they catch to keep themselves warm and that this recipe became popular and is now served at many of the restaurants in the area.

In Conclusion

So how about it? The only place on Earth to eat freshly caught sakura shrimp is in Shizuoka prefecture. On a sunny day during the drying season, it’s the only place you’ll be able to see such a beautiful and unique view.

So how about taking a trip to Suruga Bay to experience the treasure that is the sakura shrimp?


Sakura Shrimp Sun Drying Spot
Address: Shizuoka City, Shimizu, Urahara (Fuji River’s Riverbank)
Phone: 054-385-7730
Official Website: Yui Harbor Fishery Cooperative

Yui Harbor Fishery Cooperative
Address: Shizuoka City, Shimizu, Yui Imajuku Jihama 1127
Phone: 054-376-0001
Official Website: Yui Harbor Fishery Cooperative

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