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Otogi no Yado Yoneya - A Cosy Hot Spring Inn in the Woods of Fukushima

Otogi no Yado Yoneya - A Cosy Hot Spring Inn in the Woods of Fukushima

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by izumi6688

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Visit a traditional Japanese inn in Fukushima prefecture - Otogi no Yado Yoneya. In addition to the cosy, relaxing atmosphere of the rooms, you can enjoy bathing in hot springs from the comfort of your room.

Fukushima prefecture, located in the Tohoku region, is the third largest prefecture in Japan. Facing the Pacific Ocean, you can enjoy rich natural sights, seasonal events and plenty of hot springs in the area.

Otogi no Yado Yoneya at the Sukagawa Hot Springs

Otogi no Yado Yoneya is in Sukagawa city, which is located around the center of Fukushima prefecture. It is a popular inn where many customers regularly stay; some of them even come all the way from Tokyo.

From Tokyo, it is approximately a two-hour trip using the Tohoku bullet train and taxi. The biggest appeal is the comforting atmosphere created by the hot springs surrounded by the forest, making it a perfect getaway from the busy city.

This traditional Japanese-style open air bath or rotemburo was designed to look like a natural spring that appeared in the middle of the forest. This time, we would like to introduce you to the charms of Otogi no Yado Yoneya.

This is the exterior of Otogi no Yado Yoneya. It consists of 23 rooms on the second floor called Otogi no Oka. The rooms are done in a very modern Japanese-style and each room has a private bath made of cypress wood.

The lobby is a cozy, open area with refined tables and chairs.

The space used as an accommodation facility is the annex, Otogi no Sato.

In front of the annex there is a space called Library Anzu. Chairs and tables made from muku tree surround a fireplace. The cosy atmosphere of this area is simply inviting you to lie around and relax by reading a book.

A special tatami-mat called Ryukyu tatami with no embroidered edges is used to create this hallway inside the Otogi no Sato annex. It gives the halls a very calm and relaxing feeling. Customers staying here will remove their shoes and enter another world in their bare feet as they make their way to their rooms located on each side.

A Room with a Bed and Open Air Bath

Each room is arranged differently, but all rooms are very clean and cosy. Furthermore, each room has its own open air bath. There is no need to worry about privacy either, since all baths are surrounded by a fence.

This is the kind of open air bath that can be found in each room. The hot water from the Sukagawa hot springs is said to restore your energy, relieve poor circulation, and keep you healthy. The water has a high alkaline content and feels very smooth against the skin.

The Moon Hot Springs

Aside from the open air baths in each room, there is a large hot spring called Otogi no Izumi as well. Towering above the bath is a large cherry blossom tree which blooms beautifully in the spring. In the summer one can enjoy fresh green leaves, while in the autumn there is the gorgeous view of beautiful foliage.

The Otogi no Izumi has a bath with separate compartments for ladies and gentlemen, called "Moon" and "Flower". From time to time, they will switch the baths, so you will be able to enjoy both. Let us first introduce you to the "moon" side.

This is the interior of the "Moon" bath. Outside of the large bath, you can see a view of the abundant greens outdoors.

Clean hot water continuously flows, creating the soothing sound of pouring water.

The outdoor space has open air baths. One is made of rocks and another is made with wood. After sundown, lights are lit to create a nice ambiance.

The "Flower" Hot Springs

Next, we will show you around the "Flower" bath.

At the entrance, you will spot a unique looking piece of modern art.

The interior is just as wide as the "Moon" side is, so you can comfortably stretch your legs out.

Witness the leaves reflected on the surface of the hot springs, allowing you to feel like you are bathing in a pool of greens.

One step outside and you will enter the open air bath. There are two baths on the large wooden terrace space. You can enjoy an outdoor bath in the forest.

As you bathe, you can see the hot water coming out from the top of the island in the center of the tub. Soak your body and take in the fresh air to be at ease. Take this great opportunity to enjoy the different characteristics between the open air bath in your room and the baths of Otogi no Izumi.

Inside the facility, there are also aromatic beauty salons and massage services as well.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Otogi no Yado Yoneya offers of refined rooms and abundant hot springs that are top notch. It is a modern Japanese-style inn where you can indulge in the natural environment of Fukushima. Why not add this wonderful location to your next journey in Fukushima?

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Sukagawa Onsen Otogi no Yado Yoneya
Address: Fukushima, Sukagawa, Kasagi Iwabuchi 168-2
Hours: Check-in from 15:00. Check-out by 11:00.
Closed: –
Wi-Fi: Available
Credit cards: Noted on the bottom of the other column.
Languages: -
Menu in Other Languages: –
Nearest Station: Sukagawa Station (須賀川駅), JR Tohoku main line
Access: Get off the Tohoku bullet train at Koriyama Station (郡山駅) and transfer to the JR Tohoku main line, then get off at Sukagawa Station (須賀川駅). Take a 10 minute taxi ride or free shuttle buses are available depending on the time.
Prices: 24,000-35,500 Yen per person
Religion: –
Phone number: 0248-62-7200
Website: Otogi no Yado Yoneya (Japanese)

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