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5 Amazing Summer Fireworks Festivals Near Tokyo In 2019

5 Amazing Summer Fireworks Festivals Near Tokyo In 2019

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Jihyeon Kim

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Japanese summer means fireworks - take this chance to go on day trips from Tokyo to see stunning fireworks festivals. Learn where and when you can enjoy traditional hanabi at five famous fireworks festivals in rural, but accessible parts of eastern Japan.

Firework Festivals Close to Tokyo in 2019

kanto fireworks festival 2019

Lots of people associate summer in Japan with fireworks festivals, which are held throughout the country in June, July, and August.

Numerous large-scale fireworks festivals occur in Tokyo, but there are also many in nature-filled remote areas in the Kanto area, still within convenient access of the capital. These festivals tend to be lesser-known to international travelers and provide visitors with a close-up look at summer traditions in Japan.

This article lists fireworks festivals in 2019 located in rural places that can be accessed from Tokyo. Attending a festival will make a great end to a day trip away from the metropolis. Please note that the dates and times of these festivals may be changed subject due to weather and other changes.

1. Koga Fireworks Festival, Ibaraki

Koga Fireworks Festival

Photo courtesy of Koga Tourism Association Koganavi

Koga in Ibaraki Prefecture is located north of Tokyo. Here, a fireworks festival is held annually that is known for being one of the largest in the Kanto region. A whopping 25,000 fireworks in total are set off. Some are shot up to 600 meters in the sky, while some have a diameter of 650 meters! The festival will celebrate its 12th year in 2017.

Koga Fireworks Festival

Photo courtesy of Koga Tourism Association Koganavi

The venue is a golf course which is located by the Watarase River, allowing viewers to enjoy the harmony of fireworks and nature. The nearest station of the Koga Fireworks Festival is Koga Station, which is accessible without any train transfers from JR Ueno and Shinjuku stations. It is about a 20-minute walk from Koga Station. Alternatively, visitors can ride the Tobu Nikko Line to Shinkoga Station, where it is a 5-minute walk to the venue from the east exit.

Event Information
Date: Saturday, August 3, 2019
Time: 19:20 - 20:30
Address: Ibaraki, Koga, Nishimachi Koga Golf Links

2. Takasaki Matsuri Fireworks Festival, Gunma

Takasaki Matsuri Fireworks Festival

Photo courtesy of Takasaki Tourism Association

The Takasaki Matsuri has been held every year since 1975 in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture. The Takasaki Matsuri Fireworks Festival lights the night sky, creating a fantastical scene. Around 15,000 fireworks are sent up into the sky, and there are performances during the daytime you can watch.

The venue is close to Takasaki Station, which is accessible from JR Tokyo Station in about an hour with no transfers.

Event Information
Date: Saturday, August 3, 2019
Time: 19:30 - 20:20
Place: Gunma, Takasaki, Karasugawa Wadabashi upstream riverbed

3. Chiyoda-no-Matsuri Kawagaseki Fireworks Festival, Gunma


Photo courtesy of Chiyoda Town

The Chiyoda-no-Matsuri Kawagaseki Fireworks Festival held in Chiyoda, Gunma Prefecture. It is a must-see event. The festival has been held for more than 140 years. The fireworks reflecting in the surface of the water are impressive and are very worth the visit. Kumagaya station is 30 minutes from JR Ueno Station.

Event Information
Date: Sunday, August 18, 2019
Time: 19:00 - 20:40
Place: Gunma, Ora, Chiyoda Tone River Riverside

4. Ashikaga Fireworks Festival, Tochigi

Ashikaga Fireworks Festival

Photo courtesy of Ashikaga City Tourist Association

Ashikaga City in Tochigi Prefecture is famous for sightseeing spots like Ashikaga Flower Park and Japan's oldest school. The historic Ashikaga Fireworks Festival is a major event that has been held annually for around a century.

The event is very popular, as around 500,000 people visit the festival every year. The nearest station to the festival venue, JR Ashikaga station, is about 90 minutes from JR Ueno Station.

Event Information
Date: Saturday, August 3, 2019
Time: 19:00 - 20:45
Place: Tochigi, Ashikaga, Watarase River Tanakabashi Downstream Riverbed

5. Mooka-shi Summer Festival Fireworks Festival, Tochigi

Mooka Summer Festival

Photo courtesy of Mooka City Tourist Association

Kojinsai is a summer festival held by Mooka City in Tochigi. On the middle day of the festival, the Mooka-shi Summer Festival Fireworks Festival is held.

The fireworks of this event are unique for being sent into the sky along with music and laser beams and other special effects. You'll be moving to the music in no time and are sure to have a blast! The nearest station is Mooka Railway's Kitamoka Station, which is about 2 hours from JR Ueno Station.

Event Information
Date: Saturday, July 27, 2019
Time: 19:30 - 21:00
Place: Tochigi, Mooka, Mooka City Office, East Side Gogyo River riverside

Venture Out of Tokyo and See Fireworks!

Watching fireworks is a must-do activity in Japan during the summer. These events are sure to fill your weekend with excitement and memories. Take a trip outside of Tokyo to take part in this traditional seasonal fun and experience phenomenal hanabi.

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