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Local Seafood And Sweets! 6 Recommended Dishes In Enoshima

Local Seafood And Sweets! 6 Recommended Dishes In Enoshima

Translated by Allie

Written by Jumpei Kawashima

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Let's go to Enoshima, a small island in Kanagawa prefecture, which has great seascapes and lots of delicious food.

Enoshima, located in Fujisawa, Kanagawa prefecture, is a small offshore island. The whole island is a tourist attraction and many people from all over the world travel to this charming seaside spot.

Enoshima has tons of delicious foods to try! There are various long-standing stores here which offer seafood and Japanese-style confectionery.

From the many stores found in Enoshima, today we would like to introduce six of the best ones to purchase snacks that are ideal for eating while walking.

1. Whitebait Bread with Rich Cheese

After crossing over the Enoshima Benten Bridge, if you go left and walk for a while, you will find a store called Tobiccho which offers products made from fresh seafood. Whitebait or shirasu dishes sold here are really popular and a lot of people line up in front of this store to try their food before noon.

The shirasu bread or whitebait bread (250 yen including tax for 3 pieces) sold in this store is made with local fresh shirasu fish and rich cream cheese. The combination of creamy cheese and whitebait in the fluffy bread dough is really delicious and these buns are served hot. Please enjoy them before they get cold!

2. Korokke filled with Whitebait

Shirasu black korokke or Shirasu black croquette (150 yen including tax) is another of Tobiccho's popular gourmet dishes. This croquette filled with boiled whitebait is a special dish which can be found only near the sea.

As it contains a lot of whitebait, the taste of the sea spreads out in your mouth. This croquette tastes best when eaten while warm.

Shirasu wholesaler Tobitcho head office

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3. Ice Cream Monaka at an Old Store

Inoue Sōhonpo located at the corner of the main street of Enoshima sells Japanese style confectionery.

The Ice cream Monaka or ice cream sandwiched between wafers (400 yen including tax) which Inoue Sōhonten offers is a dish which has ice cream and sweet red bean paste sandwiched between two crisp wafers. As the fillings are covered with wafers, it is really easy to enjoy while walking.

The ice cream is available in three flavors: matcha (green tea), vanilla and Ogura (sweet red bean paste). We tried matcha flavor this time.

This moderately sweetened ice cream and sweet red bean paste with the crisp and aromatic wafers are a perfect match.


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4. Senbei made from a Whole Octopus

When you go up along the main street, you will see a store full of people. That is Asahi Honten which makes the seafood caught around Enoshima into various rice crackers.

The most famous rice cracker here is the Maruyaki Takosenbei (350 yen including tax) which is made using an entire octopus. The sight of this rice cracker leaves a strong impression, doesn't it? The rice cracker which has the mellow scent of seafood is really crispy and easy to eat. You can also get to see how it is made in the store.


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5. Grilled Whole Squid with Soy Sauce

When you pass over Enoshima Benten bridge, you will definitely stop your steps to check out the great aroma coming from one store: Kaisaku, which sells mesh grilled fresh seafood.

We tried a grilled whole squid (600 yen including tax) this time. They put soy sauce all over the squid and grilled it. The scent of roasted soy sauce will surely boost your appetite.

There are benches near the store, so you can take a seat and enjoy your dishes while looking out at the stunning coastline. We bet that it is the best place to take a break from your exploring.


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6. Nori Yōkan Sweet Scent of the Sea

If you go in the opposite direction of the entrance to Enoshima, you will find a store called Nakamuraya Yōkanten. It is a old Japanese confectionery store which has a 114-year long history.

Here you should definitely try the nori yōkan (110 yen including tax) which is a kind of jelly made with white bean paste and aonori or dried green seaweed. Yōkan made from white bean paste is really rare to find and was originally created in this store.

Once you put it into your mouth, you will taste the flavor of seaweed and sweetness of sugar at the same time. They will cut it into bite-sized pieces for you too, so please visit this store and give this unique dessert a try.


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There are a lot of wonderful sights to see in Enoshima, and you are sure to find various interesting things while walking around the island itself. When you start to get hungry after your exploring, please try some of the dishes introduced in this article. You'll be glad you did!

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