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Your Favorite Movie Is A Cocktail At Hachigatsu No Kujira In Shibuya

Your Favorite Movie Is A Cocktail At Hachigatsu No Kujira In Shibuya

Your Favorite Movie Is A Cocktail At Hachigatsu No Kujira In Shibuya

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by kanako moriya

Tokyo 2016.07.20 Bookmark

"Hachigatsu No Kujira" is a bar in Shibuya that offers cocktails associated with movies. You can also enjoy a fun chat with the movie-loving barkeeper. Today we'll be introducing this must-go bar for movie lovers.

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by kanako moriya

What would you want to drink when you're settling down for a good talk about your favorite movie? In Shibuya, there is just the right place: a bar that offers movie cocktails.

Today we'll be introducing the bar Hachigatsu No Kujira, which literally means "Whale of August". It's hidden along the main street of Shibuya.

A Movie-Like Atmosphere

Basket street is the main street in Shibuya. In the hustle and bustle of this crowded area is the bar Hachigatsu No Kujira.

Bar hachigatunokujira

Along the stairs to the bar, there are countless clippings of movie posters. You'll want to stop and look at the ones you know. If you're a fan of movies, it might take you a while before you actually reach the bar itself.

Bar hachigatunokujira

Past the stairs is the bar, decorated with wood grain furniture. The lighting is dark and the profound atmosphere is almost like something inside a movie. The posters of famous movies posted up in various places add to the fun experience.

Drink a Cocktail Associated with Your Favorite Movie

Now let's get right to the movie cocktails. Sitting down we opened up the menu.

Bar hachigatunokujira

Countless well-known titles are written here. For example, The Godfather, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and My Sassy Girl. There are movie titles for every age and from many countries.

We couldn't choose this or that, but we managed to decide on three. Today we'll be introducing three cocktails associated with some world-famous films.

A Small Iceberg Floating On A Sea Of Brandy: Titanic

Bar hachigatunokujira

This is the cocktail for the world-renowned film Titanic. It uses brandy from Ireland, which is where lead character Jack is from.

We thought the blue on the bottom was the ocean, but they say it's blue for the color of the diamond that Rose was wearing. The diamond is a key item in the story. We were quietly excited to hear the barkeep's stories about the movie.

Lively Animals: Zootopia

Bar hachigatunokujira

The next cocktail we ordered was Zootopia. It's a rum-based cocktail.

Main character Judy is represented by the apple while her companion Nick is an orange.

The flowers, blueberries and whipped cream represent things that appear in the movie. The barkeeper told us that "you'll understand once you see the movie." If you haven't seen the movie yet, you should.

By the way, this is a cocktail that isn't on the menu. At Hachigatsu No Kujira, you can even order movie cocktails that aren't on the menu. However, this is only for movies that the bartender has seen before.

The barkeeper is a huge movie fan who watches 10 movies a week, sometimes even 20, so you have a good chance of getting your favorite movie cocktail. Don't hesitate in asking for a less-known film.

The Dream Team Cocktail: The Avengers

This is the last cocktail we ordered.

Bar hachigatunokujira

What a magnificent cocktail. Even the barkeeper recommends this one. The name of this drink is The Avengers.

Each fruit represents one of the characters. For example the apple slice is Captain America. It's also fun to try to guess which ingredient is which character.

And just for your information I wasn't able to eat all of this by myself, so I recommend you share it with a friend.

The cocktails we shared today were all movies from outside of Japan, but of course the bar offers Japanese movies as well. You can enjoy the Sakuran, Zatōichi, and Sanjuro, or whatever Japanese movie you like.

Various Types Of Liquor

Hachigatsu No Kujira is known for its many different types of movie cocktails, so they have various types of liquor as well.

The number of kinds that they have is a whopping approximate of 600. The average of a normal bar is said to be 200, so they have a great variety of choice even compared to other bars in Tokyo. You can also come here if you want to drink your favorite liquor instead of your favorite movie.

Bar hachigatunokujira

The barkeeper making cocktails.

Hachigatsu No Kujira is a renowned bar for movie lovers both in and out of Japan. They say that there have been visitors that came to Japan with this bar as their destination. They are open from 18:00 to 06:00. How about chatting through the night about your favorite movie?

The barkeeper is very knowledgeable when it comes to movies, so he'll answer any questions you have about your movie cocktail. The communication with the barkeeper is another reason that this bar is so loved.

Lastly, we asked the barkeeper what his favorite movie cocktail was and he said, "Your favorite movie is the best." This is a place all movie lovers should want to visit.


There is a separate table charge of 500 yen.


Hachigatsu No Kujira
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawachō 28-13
Hours: 18:00-06:00
Closed: -
Wi-Fi: No
Credit Cards: No
Other Languages: -
Menus In Other Languages: No
Nearest Station: JR Shibuya station
Access: 10 minute walk from Hachiko Exit of JR Shibuya Station
Phone: +81-3-3476-7238

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