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Coffee In Edo Kiriko Glass Cups - A Delight For The Senses

Coffee In Edo Kiriko Glass Cups - A Delight For The Senses

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Written by miho

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What does coffee in a beautiful Edo Kiriko style glass taste like? Find out at Sumida Coffee located in Sumida, Tokyo.

Edo Kiriko is one of Tokyo's traditional crafts, in which glasses are cut beautifully and elegant patterns are etched into them. In a cafe called Sumida Coffee located in the Sumida ward, Tokyo, you will get to drink good coffee in a Edo Kiriko style cup.

But what does the coffee in a traditional glass craft taste like?

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How was Sumida Coffee Created?


The owner of Sumida Coffee used to work for Muji, which is a Japanese company that sells a wide variety of daily goods. When he was working there, he didn't have many opportunities to meet people. This inspired him to open a cafe in order to make a place where people can mingle.

The owner has been happily meeting people and making friends ever since, which is something that he truly values. He told us that he's gotten valuable opinions from many customers when he opened this cafe.

The cafe is located in his father's parents' hometown; he choose this as the location for his cafe because of the many happy memories he has of the area, and how kindly the staff at other shops treated him, not to mention racing about the streets on his bike.

The Appeal of Coffee in the Edo Kiriko Style Glasses


The most unique point in this cafe is that you will get to drink a cup of coffee in an Edo Kiriko style cup.

A single Edo Kiriko glass may cost upwards of 10,000 yen which might be hard to afford for most people. But if you would like to experience drinking from one of these glasses on a wallet-friendly level, then you can order your coffee at this cafe in one. This service came from its owner's desire that "customers should be able to feel how wonderful the techniques of traditional crafts are".

In general, you can only pour cold drinks into Edo Kiriko style glasses, but the owner asked a craftsman to make cups which could be used for hot drinks. The surface of the transparent glass has flower patterns on it, and the tones of the glass change as they catch the light. You will surely fall in love with the sight no matter how old you are.

Home Coffee Roasting and Homemade Desserts


The best thing you must try here at Sumida Coffee is, without a doubt, the coffee. They roast their own coffee beans in a coffee roaster right in the store. There are coffee beans from more than 70 countries available here, and you can select your own variety which they will make into a perfect cup of coffee.


In addition, the owner really likes to make desserts before opening his cafe. We've heard that the owner was a member of the project who suggested opening the "Cafe & Meal MUJI". All of the desserts offered here are homemade.


One of the popular desserts is a cheese cake (420 yen including tax). It has a sharp cheese taste but it is not too heavy at all. Just one bite is enough to have you hooked.

Have the Same Coffee Smell at Home

Sumida Coffee does not have take out service, but you can purchase coffee beans, bags of coffee and even coffee sauce here which will let you enjoy their fastidiously prepared coffee at home.


If you have coffee sauce, you can mix it with milk and make delicious café au lait. You can also put this sauce over pancakes or ice cream. A bottle of the sauce costs 1800 yen including tax.


The coffee bags sold here are designed similarly to tea bags which allows you to make a cup of coffee by just pouring hot water into the cup. It has also descriptions about how long you need to wait on the packaging. These cost 950 yen including tax.

In Conclusion


The space available space inside the store is limited, making this a better place to go alone or with a friend; the policy here is to speak softly and try to keep the noise down. It is a cafe for the senses.


If you would like to enjoy delicious coffee in a beautiful piece of Japanese craftsmanship, all while taking in the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese home, then you won't find anywhere better than Sumida Coffee.


Sumida Coffee

Address: Tokyo, Sumida, Taihei 4-7-11
Hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Wednesdays, the second and fourth Tuesday of every month
Wi-fi: -
Credit Cards: -
Other Languages: -
Menus/Pamphlets in Other Languages: -
Nearest Station: Kinshichō Station (錦糸町駅) JR Chūō and Sōbu lines, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line
Access: 2 minute walk from Exit A4 of Kinshichō Station
Price Range: -1800 yen
Religious Considerations: -
Phone Number: +81-3-5637-7783
Website: Sumida Coffee (Japanese)

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