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Made it to the Top of Mt.Kumotori, Highest Mountain in Tokyo!

Made it to the Top of Mt.Kumotori, Highest Mountain in Tokyo!

Translated by Masahisa Matsunuma

Written by SuzumuraYusei

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Cherry Blossoms Fully Out in Okutama (until late April)

While the time of cherry blossom is over and it is getting warmer and warmer in the city part of Tokyo, cherry blossoms are fully out in Okutama, which is located in Tokyo, but surrounded by mountains. Okutama is cooler than the Tokyo urban area by approximately 10 degrees Celsius.


In this article, I will introduce you to Kumotori-san (Mount Kumotori, 雲取山) among many mountains in Okutama. It is 2,017 metres in height, making it the highest mountain in Tokyo. Besides, this is the only mountain located in Tokyo that is listed in the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.

What is the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains?

100 Famous Japanese Mountains is a list of selected mountains introduced in a book by Kyuya Hisada who is a Japanese essayist and mountaineer. He based his selection on the following four criteria; height (over 1,500 metres), grace, history and individuality. So you can say this is like Japan's 100 Best Mountains. Mt. Fuji, a world heritage site, is in the list of course.

I Went on a Day Trip to Mt.Kumotori


Seeing is believing.(*1) (百分は一見に如かず)

So I went on a day trip and climbed to the peak of Mt.Kumotori. However, a two-day itinerary is recommended so if you want to try it in one day, make sure that you are a good walker and start early in the morning.

To get to the starting point, take a bus towards Kamosawa-nishi from the Okutama Station and get off at Kamosawa.


From the bus top, you walk up on a gentle path in the forest. So enjoy a luxrurious experience of forest bathing which is impossible in the city.


Now you are at the starting point. The trail is still easy. There are some springs and you can drink some water.


The trail gets steep and tough after about two hours from the starting point. There are bird cages hanging from trees in this area so you hear birds singing nicely.

(*1)Seeing is believing.: It means that if you see something yourself, you will believe it to be true.

Mt.Fuji Viewable from a Mountain Hut


I took a rest at the Nanatsuishi hut on my way to the peak. It provides drinking water for free, bathrooms, light snacks and accommodation.


And from this hut, you can see Mt.Fuji. It was such a sunny day when I visited that Mt.Fuji was clearly visible.。

Mt.Fuji, how beautiful.

Walk on the Ridge to the Peak


From this point above, you walk on the ridge of a mountain range. This is the real fun part of mountain climbing! It is wonderful to walk, overlooking Okutama mountains!


Finally there it is! That's the last shelter near the peak!

You make the final summit attempt on a very steep slope. Well, I was so tired by then that it was pretty hard to move on.


Finally I made it to the top! Mt.Kumotori is located at a point where the Tokyo Metropolis, the Saitama Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture meet so you can easily cross the border. Anyway there are no mountains higher than Mt.Kumotori. That was good enough a reason to make me feel a sense of achievement.

By the way, I set off early in the morning and it took five hours to go up to the peak and three hours and a half to come back down. The sun sets early in the mountains so make sure to carry a headlight if you return in one day!



Wi-Fi: Not Available.
Access: From Okutama Station on JR Ome Line, take a bus towards Kamosawa-nishi and then get off at Kamosawa.

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