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Twice The Fun: “Twin Fashion” At Tokyo Disney Resort

Twice The Fun: “Twin Fashion” At Tokyo Disney Resort

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Sawada Tomomi

Chiba 2016.07.31 Bookmark

Learn more about the latest trend at Tokyo Disneyland, where visitors come with a twin look by dressing up with identical Disney fashion styles.

Only fifteen-minutes from Tokyo Station, the Tokyo Disney Resort is a popular theme park where people from all over come to have fun.

Currently, the latest trend at the Tokyo Disney Resort is to dress up in the Disney fashion with a matching style or twin look (*1). There have been an increasingly high number of friends, couples and even families wearing matching Disney T-shirts and hairbands while enjoying their time in the theme park.

*1 Twin look: A fashion style where two or more people wear or have identical fashion items.

The Classic Headbands and Fan Caps


When visiting the Tokyo Disney Resort, why not get in style and wear a cute headband or a fan cap? There are plenty of types and variations of headbands, such as ones with Mickey Mouse ears or ones with Minnie's ribbon, and more! People of all ages can enjoy wearing them during their time in the park.


For those who want to stand out a little more, why not wear a fan cap? There are stylish fan caps with Mickey's silhouette or even playful ones, such as Rex from Toy Story.

A Selection of Stylish T-Shirts


One of the latest trends at both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, is to buy a matching T-shirt upon entering and wear it at the theme parks.

At the shops, there are T-shirts with fashionable designs along with large printed character T-shirts, and many more. All of them are exclusive to the Tokyo Disney Resort. By wearing matching T-shirts or having the color variant of the same style, you can experience a fun and memorable time.

Little Matches with Small Items


Make yourself feel like the character at Tokyo Disney Resort during the spring and summer season by wearing some popular sunglasses. You can use small fashion items such as sunglasses or stylish hats to easily get the matching look and you can also wear them on a daily basis as well.

During the spring and summer, being outside for long hours can lead to sunburns or worse, so with items such as hats or sunglasses, you can be fashionable and protect yourself at the same time.

Matching Fashion Coordinators Found at Tokyo Disneyland


We spotted a group of six friends and family that wore matching T-shirts to play at Tokyo Disneyland. T-shirt sizes are available for adults and children, so families can wear matching clothes together.


These two girls wore cute orange and purple variations of the same T-shirt and headband. They also added matching Mickey earrings and Tokyo Disney Sea's original character, Duffy's train pass case to complete their twin look.

All the merchandise we introduced are all purchasable at Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea. Why not try out this new way of enjoying Disney by having a "matching" or "twin look" next time?

If you want to find great items at Disney, then head to "Town Center Fashion", and "Figaro's Clothiers" at Disney Sea.

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