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6 'Only in Japan' Souvenirs From Tokyo Disney Resort

6 'Only in Japan' Souvenirs From Tokyo Disney Resort

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Sawada Tomomi

Chiba 2016.08.03 Bookmark

Aside from the fun rides and attractions, Tokyo Disney Resort is great for finding souvenirs. Check out these six great souvenirs you can only find in Japan.

Tokyo Disney Resort is a magical place where both children and adults can enjoy themselves. Aside from the attractions, another fun thing to do here is shop for souvenirs. This time, we would like to introduce goods that are limited to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. If you are planning to come and visit, check out these goods that can only be found in Japan.

1. Snacks Fit for Large Groups


(1340 yen tax included)

A great gift to give to a large group are Japanese senbei or rice crackers. They are all individually wrapped, so it is perfect to distribute to others.



Once you enter the World Bazaar, you will find the largest snack shop in the park, the World Bazaar Confectionery.

2. Have Fun Cleaning with the Handy Cleaner and Sticky Roller


(1600 yen tax included)

There are many daily household goods sold at the Tokyo Disney Resorts. This time, we will introduce you to some cleaning items. This is a handy cleaner you can use to clean your desk area easily. Not only is it colorful and cute, but it is also very useful.


(1500 yen tax included)

The sticky cleaner comes in two sizes. The larger size is great for easily removing trash off the carpet or fabrics, while the mini size can be used to get dust off of clothes. Cleaning just got more fun with cute character goods.

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