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Wandering around Rikkyo University----Western Ikebukuro

Wandering around Rikkyo University----Western Ikebukuro

Translated by Miki Takeshita

Written by Miki Takeshita

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Did you ever hear about the Rikkyo University's Ikebukuro Campus, which is famous for its buildings made of bricks? Unfortunately no outsiders are allowed inside, but still it's worth a look from distance.


Some of the structures such as the Main building and the dining room building are chosen as the Tokyo Selection of Historical Structures. In addition, the Main Library building was designed by a famous architect Kenzo Tange, who also designed the main part of The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office building. Well, what must be emphasized here is that the view is really beautiful. How jealous!

Nearby, you can find some shops popular among those fashionable Rikkyo students.

Shops loved by students

zozoiis perfect for girls seeking sweet cafes. The smell of delicious drinks and inner decorations will soothe your mind. The lunch price is around 1000 yen, set appropriate for students.

Mouko Tanmen( is known for its super hot Chinese noodles. If you want to challenge their hottest menu, the "Polar Ramen" will be it. If you are quite afraid of burning your tongue, then try the mild "Tanmen".

You might have heard of Sakura Cafe( The cafe is quite popular among foreigners visiting Japan. Here you can taste 60 different beers from all over the world, and what is more, it's open 24 hours! Hooray! I recommend here personally, for you might be able to exchange information with other guests. This place is actually a complex with Sakura Hotel(, so it might be worth checking this out too. English is available on the website.

Western Ikebukuro------Not much people around here, but this district includes some distinguished places to visit. If you want to get away from busy streets and just wander around, this place might suit you.



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