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Rent A Car For A Convenient Price In Okinawa! Tabirai Car Rental

Rent A Car For A Convenient Price In Okinawa! Tabirai Car Rental

Translated by Jay Issei Karslake

Written by Shinnosuke Saito

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Tabirai Car Rental prides itself on being the top rental car service in Hokkaido and Okinawa. It compares its prices to large-scale rental car businesses, guaranteeing that its customers get the best rates possible. Let's learn more about this service!

Public transportation might be enough to get you through your trip in Japan, especially if you're going to travel the urban areas like Tokyo and Osaka. However, if you're in Okinawa you'll want to enjoy all of Okinawa's appeals by seeing the beautiful beaches and isolated islands that you can only reach by car. For Okinawa vacations like this, did you know that traveling by rental car is both easy on your wallet and convenient?

This time, we'll introduce to you Tabirai Car Rental, a car rental reservation service that prides itself on having the No.1 usage rate in Okinawa!

What Are the Merits of Using a Rental Car in Japan?

We'll first talk about the merits of using a rental car in Japan for those who have never tried to do it in Japan yet and think that the price will be expensive. Generally, there are many instances where, if you're going to travel a long distance with several people, using a rental car will lead to cheaper transportation expenses. Also, if you can drive, you can freely go to places that you wouldn't have been able to go to by train or bus. Furthermore, you can enjoy your very own original vacation because you won't have your movements restricted by tour plans and such.


There's nothing to worry about, even if you haven't rented a car in Japan before. If you use an easy to use rental car reservation service like Tabirai Car Rental, even returning it will be easy. Even worldwide, Japan is a country where drivers have high morals and are careful in general. If you look up the traffic signs and roads ahead of time, you'll be able to drive safely. Rental cars are an extremely convenient means of transportation!

What is Tabirai Car Rental?


Tabirai Car Rental is one of the services offered by Pam Company, which has its main office located in Okinawa prefecture. They are able to compare the prices of large rental car service companies all at once and make it possible for you to reserve a rental car for cheaper than the listed price.

They've been in business for 10 years, but they opened to the public in May 2015, through a Traditional Chinese version website, with the hope that travelers from Taiwan or Hong Kong could feel at ease reserving a rental car in Japan. They currently support their customers in two languages: Japanese and Traditional Chinese.

Tabirai Car Rental turned their eyes quickly to Taiwanese and Hong Kongese travelers and are working hard so that their customers will use rental cars and have fun vacations in Japan - this service is really getting attention recently.

The Three Features of The Tabirai Japan Car Network (Traditional Chinese version)

Tabirai Rent a Car has three features that other companies don't have. We'll introduce to you each one!

1.) All rental cars that are posted are powered by a Chinese navigation system

A big feature is that they are specialized towards the Taiwan/Hong Kong region. You're bound to worry when you drive on the roads of a foreign country because you won’t have driven on them before. In a Tabirai rental car, you can drive without worrying because all the cars are provided with a Chinese navigation system.

2.) Only major rental car companies with a track record of welcoming travelers from abroad are listed.

Since only major rental car companies that a lot of travelers from abroad use are listed, they can properly respond to any kind of need, from reservations to returns.

3) All emails are handled in English

If you have any problems you can communicate in English with the rental car company that you made your reservation on. If it's your first time using it, you're bound to still have some reservations. In cases like these, travelers who don't speak Japanese can be at ease using this service too.

If you rent a car, you can go to these fun places too!

Niraikanai Bridge of Nanjo city, Okinawa prefecture. Niraikanai is a word that means ‘a distant world in a far, far away eastern ocean’ and an Okinawan word that points to a different world, located at the bottom of the ocean or deep underground.

Even though no one has ever seen it, it's recognized by the Okinawan people as being an extremely wonderful paradise.

There's an observation spot on the top of the mountain that houses Niraikanai bridge. If the weather is nice you can see the views of Nirakanai bridge and the ocean.


This is a marine road in Uruma city, Okinawa prefecture.

It's a 5 km long road that was made over the sea from where you can access Hamahiga island, Henza island, Miyagi island, and Ikei island from Okinawa's main island.

On islands you can go to, that are connected to Okinawa's main island by a bridge, you will find plenty of beautiful beaches to enjoy. If you come to Okinawa, we recommend that you go to the various islands too.

And then, here is Korito island. It's a small island in the northern region of Okinawa's main island and is surrounded by an emerald green ocean. There's a beautiful beach at the island's entrance, and if you look at the coral reefs, you'll see bright fish in areas that aren't too far from the bank. Korito islands most attractive point though is the beautiful sunset in the evening and the starry skies that you can see at night.

Last is Shuri Castle, the symbol of Okinawa. Shuri Castle was built during the Ryukyuan Heian period and is Okinawa prefecture's largest castle. It's located in the city center where traffic is heavy even within Okinawa's main island, so it's best to be careful when visiting here by car.

Enjoy a Personal Vacation in a Rental Car!

How was Tabirai Car Rental and it’s three key features?

With a rental car, you can go to not only main attractions but also to famous places that are a bit hidden. The inside of the car is private, so you can enjoy conversations in the car without worrying about others. You can also make important memories with your significant other on a drive date.

With Tabirai Car Rental there's no need to register as a member or register your credit card ahead of time, and, with just five easy steps to follow, you can easily make a reservation, making it simple to use.

Did this make you want to rent a car from Tabirai Car Rental and go on a road trip? The MATCHA articles listed below will provide you with more information on how to use the service. How about making a reservation? You're bound to be able to make memories on your Japan vacation, that only you could make by car.

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