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Tabirai Car Rental: Compare Prices And Book Your Vehicle For A Japan Road Trip

Tabirai Car Rental: Compare Prices And Book Your Vehicle For A Japan Road Trip

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Written by MATCHA

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Tabirai Car Rental is a handy service that compares major rent-a-car companies to find reasonable prices in Japan. It's both easy to use and available in four languages, including English. Additionally, you can apply for an electronic toll collection (ETC) card to use on Japan's highways.

Car Rental in Japan: A Convenient and Affordable Way to Travel

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There are many scenic spots and secluded hot spring towns in Japan that are not easily accessible by public transportation. If you're looking to enjoy these unique destinations, often exclusively known by locals, we recommend renting a car.

Driving is convenient for getting around, especially when traveling in a group. It's both reasonably priced and allows flexibility when mapping out your travel plans.

In today's article, we introduce Tabirai Car Rental. When accessing their website, you can find the most affordable option after comparing all of the major rent-a-car companies!

Rent Reliable Vehicles with Tabirai Car Rental

Tabirai Car Rental is one of the services provided by the Japanese company Pam, Inc. It's a popular and safe car rental service among international visitors and the homepage can be accessed in various languages, including English.

It's easy renting a car with Tabirai because their services are available all across Japan, making it easy to rent a vehicle no matter where you are.

In addition to a wide selection of automobiles, the car rental company can accommodate couples and families. Many major car rental companies are registered with Tabirai, most notably TOYOTA Rent a Car and Nippon Rent-A-Car.

Tabirai Car Rental: How to Make a Reservation

Next, let's take a look at how you can rent a car with Tabirai.

*Although the screenshots in this article are displayed in English, the website is also available in traditional Chinese and Korean.

1. Select Your Departure Date, Time, and Other Information

Tabirai Car Rental

Picture courtesy of Tabirai Car Rental

Let's start at the website's front page by first selecting your desired vehicle type. Then, decide on your departure and return date, and your pick-up and drop-off location of the car.

Tabirai Car Rental

Picture courtesy of Tabirai Car Rental

If you scroll down the front page, you'll see a map of Japan, followed by a chart. Here, you can choose your departure point from a list of nationwide cities and towns. You can also search for the nearest airports.

2. Compare Prices Among Various Car Rental Companies

Tabirai Car Rental

Picture courtesy of Tabirai Car Rental

Once you've made your selection, a chart featuring all of the cars that meet your specified conditions will appear on the screen.

Compare the car rental companies and their prices before deciding on your vehicle. If none of the cars meet your requirements, then conduct a new search using different criteria.

3. Confirm Your Car Details and Additional Options

Tabirai Car Rental

Picture courtesy of Tabirai Car Rental

After selecting your vehicle, please check all of the details related to the rental car. You can also specify additional options such as ETC devices, ETC cards (*1), child seats, and booster seats.

Additionally, you can check the address of the Tabirai office you'll be visiting. Once you've confirmed these details, please proceed with your reservation.

*1 ETC (Electronic Toll Collection): a toll card that can be used when traveling on Japan's various expressways. For details. please read the following MATCHA article.

4. Fill in the Required Fields on the Application

Tabirai Car Rental

Picture courtesy of Tabirai Car Rental

On the application form, please fill in the required fields, including your name, e-mail address, and the number of people traveling.

Next, make sure all the details in your application are correct by reviewing the confirmation page. Then press the "Confirm Reservation" button to finalize your booking.

There's no need to register your credit card information, which makes this an easy process from start to finish!

5. Pick up Your Car at the Desired Location


Once you've completed the application, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with your reservation details. On your departure date, head to the designated Tabirai office and pick up your car. It's that simple!

The "Reservation Information Box" allows you to confirm your reservation details, make cancellations, and send messages to the car rental company you've booked with (service available in Japanese and English).

Your login ID and password will appear in the completed reservation screen and confirmation e-mail.

When you've arrived at the Tabirai office, please listen to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Payment can be made by credit card at the office, too.

Be Aware of National Holidays when Booking

There are several long holidays in Japan, including Golden Week from the end of April to early May. Many people tend to travel during these times, making it busy and potentially difficult to make a reservation. Also, the Chinese New Year holidays observed in China and Taiwan can also be a crowded time for international travelers in Japan.

It can be difficult to book a car during these peak travel times without planning in advance, so we suggest avoiding these periods if possible.

Please refer to MATCHA's article below and keep this in mind when planning your trip to Japan.

Plan a Road Trip With Tabirai Car Rental

Tabirai Car Rental

Please click here to see the Tabirai official homepage.

Personalize a one-of-a-kind trip along the roads of Japan by booking a rental car!

For more information on car rental procedures and other useful points, please refer to MATCHA's article below.

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