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The Massive, Global Electronics Shop: YODOBASHI AKIBA

The Massive, Global Electronics Shop: YODOBASHI AKIBA

Translated by Akihito Usui

Written by Akihito Usui

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Yodobashi Akiba for short, opened in 2005 and quickly became a symbol of this high tech, anime-centered area. While it may say 'camera' in the title, it is much more than just a camera shop.

Yodobashi Akiba, officially called Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba, opened in 2005 and quickly became a symbol of Akihabara (Akiba for short). While it may say 'camera' in the title, Yodobashi Akiba is much more than just a camera shop.


This shopping plaza covers about 6000 square meters, with 6 underground levels and 9 upper floors; it is a massive complex on a breathtaking scale, making it truly standout against other buildings in Akiba.

World-class Japanese Electronics!


Hundreds of people come to Yodobashi Akiba everyday, many of them visitors from overseas, looking to buy some of the Japanese-made, world-class electronics sold here. In order to better support their customers, the information center within Yodobashi Camera has services available in English and Chinese. You can ask the helpful staff anything, anytime.

Not Just for Shopping!

There are many places to enjoy at Yodobashi Camera even if you don’t need to do any shopping.


This area is called the Surechigai Colosseum. There are a lot of people who come here to sit down, take a rest... but actually, almost everyone is here to play video games on their Nintendo DS, 3DS, etc.

In Japanese, 'surechigai tsushin' means “communication play with others (in passing)”, so this place is provided to play with others via group play, or linked play games. You can find many people here playing Pokemon, Dragon Quest and other games here.


There are many cafes, restaurants and vendors throughout Yodobashi Akiba selling a wide variety of dishes. For example, the yellow shop at the right is a cream puff shop. You'll never find yourself getting bored when you come to shop, play or eat at Yodobashi Camera in Akiba.


Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kandahanaokachō, 1-1
Access:0 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station down Shōwa Dōriguchi
Hours: 9:30-22:00
Phone Number: 03-5209-1010
Homepage: Yodobashi Akiba (Japanese only)

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