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Plan The Hokkaido Trip Of Your Dreams With Tabirai Rent-a-Car!

Plan The Hokkaido Trip Of Your Dreams With Tabirai Rent-a-Car!

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Keisuke Yamada

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The time has come for you to discover all the benefits of traveling by a rental car! We bring you Tabirai Rent-a-Car, a website where you can make a rent-a-car reservation at a cheaper price; start the engine, and embark on a trip of your dreams!

When someone mentions Hokkaido, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

If it’s food-related, it must be something out of the diverse seafood delicacies Hokkaido has to offer – perhaps the crab, or the shrimp, sea urchin, or maybe the salmon? We all know that Hokkaido takes the usual “deliciousness” to a whole another level when it comes to marine products. And, of course, there is plenty to lay your eyes upon regarding natural sights and wonders – Hokkaido will change each season and bring its visitors the ultimate in awe-inducing sightseeing satisfaction.

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And since you’ve come all the way to this far north of Japan, we have no doubt that you wish to see as much as possible of the vast and beautiful nature that makes up Hokkaido.

But alas! As you yourself might have noticed, Hokkaido might be too vast to explore everything in a short period of time, and it could take much longer to get to those interesting places you’ve heard or read about.

The trains and buses don’t run as often as they do in Tokyo, Osaka, or some other (more) urban area. And, should you succumb to the urge to get somewhere quickly and take a taxi, it might financially “sting” a bit more than you might’ve expected.

So, what do you do in such an unfavorable situation? Well, our suggestion is – to rent a car! With a rental car, you can do as you please with your time and schedule. If you suddenly felt an urge to visit some possibly exciting and fun place, you can just turn your car that way and give yourself the added pleasure of deciding things to see and do along the way as you like!

Not only that, but the car is a private space for you and your companions to enjoy alone, and there is no one else to worry about, or be aware of their presence. You can talk freely and without restraint, or even make some precious “driving-date” memories with your loved one while on the road.

So, this time, we have prepared some useful information regarding renting a car in Hokkaido. There are a lot of places where you’ll find rent-a-car shops, but we’ve decided to spare you that hassle – leave it to Tabirai Rent-a-Car website, and you’ll find one at a cheap price in no time!

The Benefits of Using Rental Cars in Japan

For all of those who aren’t quite sure about renting a car in Japan, who don’t have much experience or information on that topic, let us first tell you something about the benefits of traveling around with a rental car.

Generally speaking, when traveling long distance with a larger group of people, it is often much cheaper to rent a car and plan your voyage accordingly. As long as you can drive, you can drop by all those interesting places you wouldn’t be able to see should you have traveled by train or a bus.

What’s more, you don’t have to feel obliged to do things in accordance with tour schedules and routes, but can execute the trip the way you planned and organized it yourself. It sounds much more casual and unrestrained that way, doesn’t it?

Since there are numerous sites and places where you can experience Hokkaido’s charm in many different ways – while holding chopsticks, or taking a break surrounded by wonderful nature, and such, it’d be a pity not to use that opportunity to the full of its potential. And with a rental car, you can feel Hokkaido’s charming side at its best, all under your control!


Nevertheless, it takes more than a desire to rent a car and make the best out of it – it takes a bit of courage as well, doesn’t it? Tabirai Rent-a-Car will make it easier on those who have never previously rented a car in Japan, and that is why we’re introducing it today.

You can rest assured that the whole renting process, up to the vehicle-returning point, should run smooth and untroubled, should you use something as accessible and simple as this rent-a-car service.

Japanese drivers are known to be very cautious and considerate ones, at least the great majority of them. Just study the traffic rules, regulations, the road maps, and similar beforehand, and you’ll find the rental car to be the most convenient means to enjoy your relaxed and free-spirited ride!

Introducing Tabirai Rent-a-Car


Tabirai Rent-a-Car is one of the services offered by an Okinawan company Pam, where at one place you can compare the cars offered by all major rental companies, and make a rental reservation at a cheaper price.

They have been present in the rental service industry for nearly ten years to this day, but have recently set a new goal they’re trying their best to accomplish. In May 2015, they have created another version of their website, written in Simplified Chinese, out of a strong desire to help tourists from Taiwan and Hong Kong to rent cars without any worries or trouble. They now offer information and service in Japanese and Simplified Chinese languages on their website.

They’ve become a pioneering company in providing service in diverse languages, with their assertive stance to help Chinese tourists enjoy their stay in Japan to the fullest.

The Three Features of Tabirai Rent-a-Car

We’ve told you about this exceedingly useful service for renting cars in Japan, but that is not all there is to say about it! Actually, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that Tabirai Rent-a-Car has a card (actually, three) up their sleeve to knock you off your feet – something you won’t be able to find anywhere else! We’ll be introducing them one by one, so pay close attention!

1. All of the cars available for rental reservation on the website are equipped with car navigation systems in Chinese!

Indeed, one of the greatest benefits of using this rental service is their devotion to satisfying their customers from Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is perfectly understandable and not so rare to see people getting nervous or anxious when it comes to driving through an unfamiliar area, not knowing the roads properly. But, Tabirai Rent-a-Car has come up with a practical solution to their customers’ potential worries – they’ve equipped all of the cars offered for rental reservation on their website, with car navigation systems available in Chinese language, too. That must be reassuring for customers whose Japanese isn’t at its best!

2. The cars for rental are of the most respected rental companies only, who welcome visitors to Japan as their customers, as well.

Since they put up cars for rental from the most well-known and respected major rental companies only, whose services are widely used by tourists as well, everyone can be sure that the whole renting process, from the reservation to the returning, will be actively supported and overseen by the rental company for the smoothest procedure possible.

3. They’ll answer your questions, comments, or requests, in English, too.

Should there be any possible troubles, worries, or fears, regarding the rental process, you can discuss it with the rental company in question in English. Especially when it comes to people who’ve never used this service in Japan, there might be some doubts or confusion concerning the whole process. But it makes the conversation and the problem-solving much easier if you can talk it all out in English as well, all the more if you aren’t that confident about your Japanese skills.

Conquer All Those Places with Your Rental Car!

Everything is so large-scaled in Hokkaido you might even get to witness scenery you can’t really associate with the big cities – like, for example, the vast, never-ending sunflower fields, spreading all the way to the horizon.

A sight so different from the city awaits you there – the clear, blue sky and the strikingly white clouds, with the countless shadows and shades of green beneath it, together make it a somewhat simple, but outstandingly impressive scenery.

In the picture displayed above, you can see Obihiro in Hokkaido. We can imagine people having a blast barbequing or camping on the lakeside. How about you?

Create Your Own Japan Trip with a Rental Car!

So, what do you think about Tabirai Rent-a-Car’s three peculiarities?
By renting a car for a your-style trip, the path might lead you not only to those well-visited, famous places of Hokkaido, but to those less known, but equally as beautiful and intriguing, “secret” places and attractions. Since car gives you your own, private space as well, you can talk, laugh, or create memorable moments with your loved ones without worrying about inconveniencing other people (because there aren’t any other people around).

Tabirai Rent-a-Car provides with a rent-a-car reservation service in the simplest and most concise way possible – by following 5 simple steps you can reserve your preferred vehicle, without having to do that tiresome membership (or credit-card) registration beforehand.

So, how about embarking on a great journey with a car rented with Tabirai Rent-a-Car service? We’ve introduced their rental service and benefits of using it here in this MATCHA’s article, but the best way to believe us completely is to give them a chance and see for yourself! It ought to become a one-of-a-kind journey throughout Japan, planned and realized in your own style and pace.

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