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"KABUKIZA Theatre" - You can Experience Japanese Traditional Theatre Easily-

Translated by UCHACA

Written by Satomi Echigoya

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What's "Kabuki"?

Kabuki is one of the Japanese traditional performance which involves elaborately designed costumes, dancing, music, and arguably most importantly,the exaggerated actions performed by the actors.
Then,what's the difference between modern theater and Kabuki?

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In modern theater, it replays situation and role realistically, on the other hand,Kabuki's highly lyrical plays are regarded, with notable exceptions, less as literature than as vehicles for actors to demonstrate their enormous range of skills in visual and vocal performance. These actors have carried the traditions of Kabuki from one generation to the next with only slight alterations. Many of them trace their ancestry and performing styles to the earliest Kabuki actors and add a “generation number” after their names to indicate their place in the long line of actors.

Many people think that we can't understand what Kabuki actors talk about ,but it's just a part of them.Don't worry about it.You would love it!

Well,I introduce you about "KABUKIZA Theatre" in Ginza,Tokyo.

The History of KABUKIZA

Higashi-ginza where KABUKIZA is located was named Kobikicho. This place has an ancient and honorable origin where the theater has taken roots since 400 years before.In 1889,the first KABUKIZA was built.After that,KABUKIZA was redecorated 4 times because of fire accident and war damage.

Firstly,see on the "Hitomakumiseki(一幕見席)"

Hitomakumiseki is special seats and standing-only space in the galley for people who only intend to see one act of a kabuki play.The drama played in KABUKIZA changes every months(*1).Basically,the drama is divided into two parts,daytime and night time,is consisted of plural programs.You need to buy tickets every programs but "Hitomakumiseki" is the best suited for the audience who see Kabuki for the first time. .You can see 1 program about 800 yen 〜1500 yen.

(*1)Program:Titles of Programs by コトバンク

The programs of Kabuki are based of legends,stories and accidents of history which is known to all Japanese people.They are very long, so these programs play only famous parts of them in these days.

The genre of drama is divided into two parts,"Jidaimono(時代物) " and "Sewamono(世話物)".
"Jidaimono" is the historical play which is featured in the historical accidents and mythology.
"Sewamono(世話物)"is the domestic play which is featured in the accidents,murder,burglar and comedy of former days.

Don't worry about the content of dramas.Of course,You can borrow ear-phone guide (Rental fee:500 yen) and also you can check words and explanation by using portable monitor which has credit titles (Rental fee:1000 yen).

In the KABUKIZA Theatre,you can see "Hanamichi(花道)" in front of the stage where actors walk on.

Don't miss the thick curtain (Donchou) which changes while 30 minutes break.

How about buying souvenirs on second basement floor "Kobikicho"?

You can buy various souvenirs:Kabukiza goods,Japanese-style confectionery,Japanese fashioned general merchandise,bento and filming location on the second basement floor.Of course,you can buy them on the first floor,third floor and fifth floor in KABUKIZA.

You can enjoy shopping and Kabuki in "KABUKIZA Theatre".
How about shopping and seeing Kabuki in here?

(*2)DonchoDonchou is a kind of thick curtain,these decorative pieces, commonly found in Japan’s grand theaters, are often based on the works of major artists.


Closest Station:Hibiya Line or Asakusa Line, "Higashi Ginza" Station. Exit 3-direct access to the theatre from the subway station./Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line, "Ginza" Station. Exit A6-5 minute walk./JR and SUBWAY: "Tokyo" Station. 10 minutes by taxi.
Price range:B seat on the third floor 4,000 yen〜first class is 20,000 yen/
Price of Hitomakumiseki(一幕見席) is about 800 yen〜1500 yen(1program)
*Hitomakumiseki is special seats and standing-only space in the galley for people who only intend to see one act of a kabuki play.
Credit Card:available

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