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Shopping at Tokyo Station "Daimaru Tokyo"

Shopping at Tokyo Station

Translated by Mai Egawa

Written by MATCHA

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Daimaru is one of the greatest mall in Tokyo station wheressyou can buy clothes, accessories, souvenirs, daily goods and miscellaneous goods.


A 1 minute walk from the 'Yaesu Kitaguchi' exit of Tokyo station, you will find a big shopping mall called "Daimaru."

There are 13 floors and 1 basement in this building and up to 29 million people come every year.ssDaimaru is one of the greatest mall in Tokyo station wheressyou can buy clothes, accessories, souvenirs, daily goods and miscellaneous goods.

There are many Luxury brands


You can find luxury brands for women bags and accessories like LOUIS VUITTON, PRADA, and HERMES. Luxury watch brands like ROLEX and OMEGA can also be found.ssThere are many goods that you can not buy at a Duty-free shop.


Fancy but reasonable price


If you want to dress up properly for a fancy restaurant or meeting someone special, go to Daimaru Tokyo and you will find what you want!ssWouldn't it be wonderful to find your true love in Japan?ssAnd when you do, Daimaru Tokyo is the best place to visit to find beautiful clothes and accessories.

There are many high-class clothes for both men and women at reasonable prices. If you change into theses clothes you will definitely be able to taste Japanese food better and your trip itself will become even more wonderful.


Japanese specialties and souvenirs


Since Tokyo Station is at the very center of Tokyo, there are many great souvenirs.ssThey sell Japanese traditional red bean pancakes, rice crackers, and Baumkuchen which you can not buy unless you get in a long line.ssSome shops have delicious samples so try and buy them!

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Daimaru Tokyo

Address: 1 Chome-9-1 Maruno-uchi, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station: get off at Tokyo Station Yaesu Kitaguchi and walk 1 minute
Hours: B1,1F 10:00 A.M.~8:00 P.M., 2F~11F 10:00 A.M.~9:00 P.M., 12F 13F 11:00 A.M.~11:00 P.M.
Phone: 03-3212-8011

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