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Too Cute To Drink! 3 Tokyo Latte Art Cafes: Animal Edition

Too Cute To Drink! 3 Tokyo Latte Art Cafes: Animal Edition

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If you love coffee and love animals, but don't feel like visiting an animal cafe today, how about trying animal-inspired latte art at one of these cafes instead?

Translated by Satomi Ohba

Written by MATCHA

Good latte art with good taste and good art requires high skill and a masterstroke sense. Today let's look at animal-inspired latte art that is so cute, you might not be able to drink it!

1. Glorious Chain Café

This sophisticated and cozy cafe just by Shibuya station was produced by DIESEL, the clothing and lifestyle brand. DIESEL’s design team, which is known to head around the world for inspiration, is responsible for design of this cafe. Even the menus are designed by them.


There’s a cute bear in my cafe latte.

The “Glorious” letters stand out in this stylish shop. If you want to have something to eat with your latte, the soft-boiled eggs Benedict is superb.

2. loger café

You can’t find this three bear brothers’ latte art elsewhere other than this hard to find hide-out cafe behind Ebisu Station.


I wonder how much I would need to practice to draw such cute latte art.


A small blackboard is the only sign of this shop. Can you find it next to the vending machine? It says loger cafe in small letters.

Inside is a fashionable cafe you just can’t imagine from the outside. They serve very nice lunch meals as well.

3. Panda Coffee Shop


A married couple shows their love for these black and white bears in this cafe in Asagaya where the shop’s sign, menu, interior, and everything else is filled with pandas. You can enjoy some truly adorable panda latte art.

Panda goods are placed everywhere in the retro interior. The stuffed animals are collected from around the world and o course in Japan. There is a corner where you can buy original goods too.

The faces of the animals were so innocent; it looked as if they stepped out of an illustration.

* Latte art depends on the staff and how busy the cafe is at the time. Please be understanding if they can't make latte art during rush hours.


Cute Animal Latte Art Spots
Glorious Chain Café
loger café (Japanese)
Panda Coffee Shop (Japanese)

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