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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Sweets In An Authentic Old Japanese House

Enjoy Delicious Japanese Sweets In An Authentic Old Japanese House

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Enjoy traditional Japanese sweets and beverages in an old house and time travel back to 19th century Japan. Take a trip to Jiyugaoka, a hip neighborhood near Shibuya, to try delicious desserts on tatami mats overlooking a garden.

Translated by Piyo

Written by HishiiSonoe

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Jiyugaoka is one of the most famous garden cities in Japan. young people with good taste gather here for clothes and sweets. However, you'll find an old Japanese-style house standing out from its surrounding.

This article introduces a relaxing sweets shop with traditional Japanese confectionery with a different atmosphere from that of bustling cities.

Kosoan: A Sweets Shop With a Long Tradition


The building of Kosoan was constructed during the Taisho period and renovated as a sweets shop and art gallery. Yuzuru Matsuoka, the husband of one author Soseki Natsume's daughters "Kosoan" because the building was built using mulberry trees. Mr. Matsuoka visited here regularly.


Once you enter inside, a nice view full of green will welcome you. We felt as if we were invited to an old folk house from generations ago. We ordered matcha zenzai, sweet red bean soup with small pieces of rice cakes and Japanese green tea (950 yen).


It is a nice combination of slightly bitter Japanese green tea and mildly sweet azuki, creating a refreshing experience.


While you enjoy the zenzai, try the sweet, roasted tea and ume-flavored kelp (Japanese pickled plum). The ume flavored kelp tastes harmoniously both with bitter green tea and nice-smelling roasted tea. You can have a refill of roasted tea if you like.

Relaxing Japanese-style Tatami Room


Looking outside of the window sipping cups of tea, you can see a courtyard which old Japanese folk houses often have. You would feel as if you were having a time travel back to the 19th century with the view of a stone lantern standing behind neatly trimmed crape myrtle trees.


The interior of the building is also full of a warm, lived-in feel. Lots of traditional handicrafts and articles of folkcraft are displayed, hinting at what old Japanese houses used to look like this.
All seats for visitors are in the Japanese-style tatami room. You can relax and stretch your legs and kneel in the formal Japanese position to enjoy green tea solemnly. You can sit however you want.

While you're having tea here, you wouldn't imagine the shop is only five minutes away from the station because of the calmness of the neighborhood. The shop isn't crowded on weekdays, so you can stay here as long as you want.


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